Friday, July 20, 2012

Dinner at Opus

My all-time favorite: the 62-degree egg

On Tuesday night, we finally went to eat at Opus. I really like the food here; and this time, Chef Carlos Miguel had put some new items on the menu. Thankfully he hadn't taken out any of the favorite dishes that keep me coming back.

Everything in my life has a pattern, including the food I order. So when I'm at Opus, which isn't too often because I almost never have time to actually eat in restaurants just for the sake of going out to lunch or dinner, I always start with the 62 degree egg, which is really an incredibly good salad with an egg and lots of other delicious things. Then, for a main, I have the sous-vide style short ribs, followed by the pavlova.


Tuesday night was more or less the same, although I did add to my order one of the new offerings, which was a duck and foie gras sisig. There was also a very interesting Ceasar's Salad soup on the menu which I was so tempted to order, but I'd already heaped my side of the table with food, so I decided to save this for another time.

Duck and foie gras sisig with soy sauce foam

The duck and foie gras sisig was pretty good. It came with soy sauce just like how an order of sisig would come in a Philippine restaurant, but the Opus version arrived in a tiny vessel and it was basically soy sauce foam.

Meanwhile, the 62 degree egg was as good as always. I like this "salad" because it has lots of texture and complexity, and it's flavorful as well.


Now the first time I ordered the short ribs here -- this was probably when Opus first opened -- I was hooked. That first order was succulent and so tender that I was dreaming about it for days. After that, I've gone back to Opus several times and it's been very good on some days and just pretty good on others.

Here are my favorite short ribs...
But I always order it anyway, hoping I'll get a very good one. It's a 50-50 chance thing after all, just like (aptly) in a casino. And I guess that's why people keep going to casinos -- because they feel they have a chance to score a "very good."

Well, Tuesday night's short ribs were just okay. The meat was slightly dry and tough on the outside, and alternately tender and succulent but also stringy on the inside. It was good enough to enjoy, but I've certainly had better on other visits to Opus.

This duck was someone else's dinner...


I didn't finish the short ribs so I had them pack up half to bring home. Fortunately I did, because when I had it for breakfast (yes, for breakfast!) the following day, it was actually very nice after a minute in the microwave. Don't ask me to explain why this was so as it sounds quite illogical to me as it is. But I really enjoyed my remaining short ribs for breakfast.

So even when I'm not watching TRAVELIFE Drum Tao Nights -- which lots of people are already calling "the most spectacular show of the year in Manila" by the way -- I'm still at Resorts World anyway so much this week. And this is also where I'm going to be pretty much until the last show date on July 22. Of course, I'm watching the last show of TRAVELIFE Drum Tao Nights, and I'll be right up there leading the standng ovation for a truly wondrous 10 performances in Manila.


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