Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Cross-eyed over Travelife Tao Drum Nights

Travelife Drum Tao Nights begins this Thursday with a gala opening attended by dignitaries and VIPs, and Travelife friends and readers. We have a total of 470 guests coming, spread out over various areas. It looks like a very full house, so far.

Meanwhile, the show looks simply amazing. We have a special preview tonight for media friends and frankly I can't wait to see a bit of the show myself. This is probably the first and only time the world-famous Drum Tao group will be coming to Manila, courtesy of Travelife Magazine, the Philippines' leading travel and lifestyle publication, and our partner Establish Events -- so please don't miss it. It will be a world-class show.

TRAVELIFE Tao Drum Nights
July 12 - 22, 2012
Resorts World Manila Performing Arts Theater

Tickets available at 


So with all the preparations done -- yes, the giant drums arrived in Manila in huge container vans -- now comes the hard work. It's Excel time for me as I manually go over the seat plan for the evening to make sure protocol and other considerations are followed and everyone is seated where they are supposed to be seated for gala night.

I've had lots of practice over the years so I usually get things right -- who should sit next to who, and who will enjoy someone else's company. But, yes, it's a couple of sleepless nights and I often end up cross-eyed afterwards.

Maybe that'll enable me to enjoy the Travelife Drum Tao spectacle even better....

Hope you're joining us for the Thursday gala show, or for one of the other nine evenings that Travelife Drum Tao Nights is on.


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