Sunday, July 1, 2012

Beauty, Eastern European style

Today as a last hurrah in Prague, I decided to book some spa treatments at the Four Seasons Hotel in Prague before my fourteen-hour flight to Manila (not including layovers). I love going to spas in different countries because I get to try their local products and local techniques for health, relaxation and hopefully beauty as well.

The spa at the Four Seasons Prague is not very big but it contained some very interesting treatments, so I booked a back-to-back facial and massage using organic products from next-door Hungary, from a company called Omorovicza.


I'd never heard of it, but at the spa this morning I learned that Omorovicza is a Hungarian manufacturer and pioneer of a unique "mineral cosmetology" of paraben-free products based on the rich thermal waters of Hungary. Hungary, by the way, has a very long history of thermal bathing and I guess this is where the products based on the minerals contained in thermal waters comes in.

The Omorovicza story begins over 2000 years ago when the curative properties of Hungary's famous thermal waters were discovered, and when the thermal baths were first built. Today, it's a luxury line of natural beauty products.


Of course I had to try this regional beauty secret applied with local Czech and Eastern European techniques. For my facial, I chose a 75-minute Deep Cleansing facial. The therapist used mineral-rich Hungarian Moor mud to detoxify the skin and draw out impurities, and then she placed a fragrant mud mask also from the Omorovicza line.

Afterwards, she did a very thorough cleansing and exfoliation also with Moor mud, which Omorovicza created with additional rosemary and pineapple extracts.

What I liked best perhaps was the very classic Hungarian facial massage that followed, as the therapist used very differents strokes that I could feel were very effective in relaxing and also toning the face. It was wonderful.


Then came the massage. Again, I decided to go very local and try a treatment that is impossible to get in our part of the world. So I chose a traditional Czech massage treatment which the Four Seasons Prague spa calls La Boheme. Basically it's a toning massage that's supposed to fight fatigue, jet-lag and tired and tense muscles. Boy, do we need that in our never-ending Travelife, where jet lag is a daily issue and we've been walking all the hills in the Czech Republic.

The therapist first applied a traditional lavender parrafin heat pack that simply did wonders for my very stressed out shoulders and lower back. Then while the parrafin heat pack was doing its wonders, she focused on my calves which have been screaming for help ever since I began walking up and down the hills of Prague a week ago.

My beautiful suite at the Four Seasons Prague

This was followed by a very relaxing aromatherapy massage. Again, it's really interesting how the massage strokes can differ per country and healing tradition. Here in the Czech Republic, so far, the massage strokes have focused on completely different areas and with a unique technique.

They've all been effective so far. I had two massages and one facial here in Prague, and so far I'd count them as among the best I've had in a very long time -- and essential to a never-ending Travelife.


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