Thursday, July 12, 2012

9 more nights to experience the AMAZING

The gala night of TRAVELIFE Drum Tao Night was simply amazing. For two hours, we all sat enthralled at this multi-sensory overload of rythmn, action, energy and happiness. For two hours, we all left the everyday and entered a different world I can't accurately describe in a blog. No photos or text would do this show justice. You just have to see it for yourself.

If you're considering watching this show, please do yourself a favor and get your tickets at Don't forget to input TRAVELIFE as the promotional code for the hefty 20% discount. You'll never see a show like this again in a very long time. And, yes, kids over three years old will find it fascinating, so bring the family if you wish.


I should know, because I know exactly what kind of resources it took to bring this Drum Tao group to Manila. It's no mean feat so it won't be happening again anytime soon at all. But it's one of the most amazing shows you'll ever see. So please go see it while the shows are running. We have 9 more days of shows to go.

I've been using the word "amazing" a lot to describe TRAVELIFE Drum Tao Nights, and some people think I'm joking or perhaps exaggerating. But as people who know me know very well understand, I don't really use words in vain. So when I say something's pretty amazing, it usually really is.

Well, tonight, an entire auditorium of people -- perhaps 1000 people -- were using the word "amazing" to describe our amazing Travelife Tao drummers. What a group. What performers. What a performance.


Almost everyone came up to me after the show -- and this includes even people I don't know -- to tell me how much they loved TRAVELIFE Drum Tao Nights. And so many of them used the word "amazing."

Go, go, go. Don't miss this. Because even if you have the unusually good fortune of catching their show in Tokyo or Sydney, it'll probably cost you triple. And that's even if you can catch them at all. And now they're actually in Manila and perhaps just a short drive away from your home. Don't miss TRAVELIFE Drum Tao Nights.


But even with our gala show and all, it was still a regular workday for me and my super hardworking team. We were all at the office doing regular work until about 430 PM, although a couple of us were definitely getting cross-eyed by the elaborate seating plan we had to manually go through for TRAVELIFE Drum Tao's gala night. We had to seat over 460 people.

So yes, everyone at Travelife works pretty hard. But they know the boss works just as hard as they do, if not harder.


Then at 430 PM, I rushed home to make it in time for my appointment with my hair and makeup artist for tonight -- the very talented Ruel Papa, who does great cover shoot makeup, wedding makeup and celebrity makeup. He did the makeup of supermodel Tweetie de Leon-Gonzalez for Travelife's beautiful Palawan cover, among many others.

Ruel quickly set up shop in my living room, with all his makeup gear, as the clock was running. I had to be at TRAVELIFE Drum Tao Night by 645 PM. Then he asked me: "What look do you want today?"

I thought about it, then I said: "Well, I have to make a speech onstage in front of 1500 people. But I also want to look pretty natural. I don't want to look completely different from my regular self."

I don't usually wear a lot of makeup, you see, so I don't like people telling me I look nice but completely different. We had a nice time talking while I thought about my speech. Then Ruel really made my day by telling me I looked about 31! I hope he wasn't joking. He's putting makeup on, you see, so of course he can see the condition of my skin up-close.

Then he double-made my day by doing a super makeup job. Exactly what I liked -- not heavy and pretty natural, as if I'd done it myself with just a little help.

Ruel Papa's a great makeup artist.
Contact him for weddings or events at 0918-340-0843

Afterwards, I rushed to Resorts World without any food or drink whatsoever. And on the way over, I was already thinking about where I should go to get some sugar, because I was so going to need some pumping up to get me through my speech and all.


Just my luck (again), I got to the theater entrance at the same time as my die-hard La Salle friend -- the one who thinks Jose Rizal wouldn't have died early if he'd been a La Sallite instead of an Atenean.

Anyway, I'd invited him to watch the show and keep me company, as well as to keep all my ambassador friends happy if I need to stand up and see to something. He's so good with stuff like this. He can talk to anyone.

In past Travelife gala dinners, I've left tables of VVIPs to him and he's always held the fort with great success whenever I have to stand up and make a speech or greet some people. Today was no different. He was best friends with all the ambassadors in a minute.


Anyway, when I saw him, he said to me: "Are you hungry?"

I just realized that I was hungry indeed -- I'd had very little to eat today because I'd been so busy, and I still needed that bit of sugar. So it was rather crazy to do so, but right before the gala evening, we snuck off to have a quick dinner in one of the restaurants nearby. We did the dimsum cart thing so that everything was instantly on our table, and he got me a lemonade for my sugar rush.

We were talking about all sorts of things, I was really under time pressure and my phone was ringing big-time because someone wanted to know where exactly I would be making my speech on that very large stage, but I can also still remember that the dimsum he'd ordered was actually very good. He'd just pointed to all sorts of things. I would've eaten more if I hadn't had a gala night to think about in a few minutes.


We got back to the theater venue at exactly 8 PM, just in time to greet a few people, formally open TRAVELIFE Drum Tao Nights, and then for the next two hours, we just sat back in the best seats in the house, relaxed and enjoyed a truly amazing show.

Frankly, I've had a not very easy few weeks. Tonight, thanks to the Travelife Tao drummers, I could just let go of my burdens and enter an extraordinarily amazing world. The world of Travelife Tao Drum Night.

Don't miss this amazing show. Yes, I know it's an overload of the word "amazing." But I am so not exaggerating this.


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