Saturday, June 2, 2012

TRAVELIFE Drum Tao Nights at Resortsworld -- don't miss this.

Travelife Magazine is once again bringing a whole new amazing world of culture to our valued readers via TRAVELIFE Drum Tao Nights. from July 12 (gala night opening) to July 22 at Resorts World. This is a fee-based event with different categories of prices and seating, but Travelife readers and friends can avail of a hefty 20% discount when buying tickets at Ticketworld online by inputting "TRAVELIFE" as the promotional code.

Book online via TICKETWORLD
Input "TRAVELIFE" as the promotional code
for a 20% discount

watch a short clip of
July 12 to 22, 2012
at Resorts World Manila

This is one truly wonderful event you must see with your family or friends. There is truly nothing like it elsewhere, and Travelife Magazine and its partner Establish Events are bringing it to you this July for 10 shows only. Don't miss out. Tickets will go fast and this show will not be extended. I can guarantee that you will be amazed. Simply amazed by the technique, artistry, and complete explosion of color and vibrancy.

Join us for a show that's truly out of this world. No exaggerations. Scroll down to read more...


What exactly is the TRAVELIFE Drum Tao Nights all about?

It's a fantastic, fantastic drum show from Japan -- I'm just writing about it and my heart is already beating madly -- that's gone on tour in 17 countries, 400 cities and over 5 million spectators worldwide. And now Travelife Magazine and Establish Events are bringing this world-class Japanese drum entertainment to Manila for 10 shows only.


The TAO drum troupe was formed in Aichi Prefecture, Japan in 1993, and then the troupe moved to Oita Prefecture in Southern Japan. They formed into a group to develop and promote the art of Japanese drumming. Originally, they only performed in the southern Japan region, where easily over one million people came to see them. When they reached their 1,000,000th viewer, they realized it was time to take the TAO drum tour overseas.

The TAO drum troupe has mesmerized -- literally mesmerized -- audiences all over the world. 17 countries, 400 cities, and over 5 million spectators. And now TRAVELIFE Magazine, the Philippines' leading travel & lifestyle publication, is bringing them to you in Manila.

Don't miss this. Book early to avoid disappointment. And make sure to avail of the 20% discount for Travelife readers and friends only by purchasing your tickets online and inputting "TRAVELIFE" as the promotional code.

Book online via TICKETWORLD
Input "TRAVELIFE" as the promotional code
for a 20% discount

TRAVELIFE Magazine. No one travels like us. And when we say we're bringing you the world, we really mean it.


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