Thursday, June 7, 2012

Same city at the same time

Today I was looking at a beautiful invitation sent to me for an art exhibit opening next week, which I'm pretty excited about. It was practically an artwork in itself, and I marveled at the ingenuity and craftsmanship that came with such a lovely invite. There were also several other invites for the last week of June on my table, and I am so regretting not being around for any of these events. One of these is the very special Fete de la Musique hosted by Sofitel GM Goran Aleks at the Sofitel's new Imperial Suite.

Speaking of invites, my friend J and I had an interesting conversation the other day. We'd been comparing travel schedules for the rest of the year over lunch last week, and it had become apparent to us that we were probably going to be in the same city at the same time somewhere in the world. Actually, I'd known that for a while now, but I'd not told him so until he'd outrightly asked me last week. And the other day he double-checked the dates with me.


I have a dozen trips in the pipeline, as you can imagine, so not all my travel itineraries or tickets are at all fixed. I'm sort of a moveable feast, to borrow Ernest Hemmingway's words, or a work in progress, especially as airlines seem to be so full these days. It's great for business but not great for passengers like myself who need and want a confirmation asap.

Anyway, yesterday J told me to let him know if we were really going to be in XXX city on the same day. His itinerary is fixed, you see, but it's mine that hasn't been completely confirmed by the airlines.

"I will," I said. Then, just because I like to tease him, I messaged him: "PS: Why? Are you actually going to suggest we meet up in XXX? Or do you just like the idea that we're in the same city at the same time?"

Of course I know what he means, but I was just teasing him. But, anyway, yes, if we're in the same city at the same time, we'll probably go to dinner. Scroll down to read about what J thinks is good for the soul...


The main problem is the flights. The date I want to fly to XXX is fully booked on business class and it's a long-haul flight so I'd really like a flat bed all the way. J had the temerity to suggest: "Why don't you fly economy class? It's good for the soul." This was a BBM with a smiley face, coming from someone who'd probably never flown economy class in his life. For some reason, he's always lived a different life from most people so I don't think economy class has ever been an option in his pretty long life.

I answered back almost immediately: "I'll pretend you didn't say that. Because if I actually acknowledged this particular BBM, I'll have to blog about it."

I've been very good about not blogging about J, actually, as so many people started talking about him at some point, when I did so. He doesn't at all like publicity but he was a very good sport about his supposed anonymous life and all his witty comments and interesting remarks appearing on blogosphere and everyone trying to guess who he was.

For instance, I think it was yesterday that he sent me a BBM that said: "It behooves me how some companies can come up with figures like that."


We were talking about the airline industry, you see, in relation to why I'm having a hard time getting a flat bed seat on an airline to meet up with him in XXX city. Now tell me. Who BBMs words like "behooves" in this "c u l8r" and "col me" sort of texting world? But I'm not complaining. It's rather nice, actually, as we can carry on proper conversations over BBM for a pretty long time. We both send pretty grammatically correct and decently-spelled messages.

So, anyway, I haven't written much about him in a while because I thought he deserved more privacy. But yesterday, I actually asked him: "Would you mind terribly if I started writing about you again?"

He didn't really give me a straight answer -- he never does, by the way -- and we ended up talking about a lot of other things afterwards; but I'm guessing he's now pretty much prepared himself psychologically to see himself appear in this blog again.


Two things we did talk about are something happening next week, and something happening in the future -- both of which are pretty nice, but one is really nice, if not amazing. J actually invited himself to join both.

We have this arrangement, you see: he's a good friend of mine so he's welcome to join most things in my life; but if he wants to actually do so instead of just read about it in the Travelife blog, he needs to do the actual inviting or to invite himself.

Last year, I told him I wasn't inviting him anywhere for 12 months. The 12 months are up, but I've gotten so used to not inviting him so the status quo remains anyway.

But when he invited himself to two things yesterday, almost at the same time, I just had to tease him: "You've just invited yourself to two things in one morning. What did you have for breakfast?"

Again, no response about that. Some things never change -- like how he can never give me a straight answer. But whatever he had for breakfast yesterday, it was certainly good for his soul. Now maybe he can start flying long-haul economy class...


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