Friday, June 1, 2012

Raining and pouring in Amanpulo

There are few places more ideal to be stuck in, on a very rainy and windy afternoon in Manila, than exactly where I am now. By some stroke of luck, I chose the perfect weekend to cocoon in a place within it all but away from it all.

I've just checked into the presidential suite of a luxury hotel, and even by our been-there-done-that standards (we are the #1 travel magazine, after all, so we've seen some pretty gorgeous places), this is certainly one for the books.


This has got to be among the most beautiful suites in Manila. It's got an amazing and most unique view of Manila on three sides, a state-of-the-art entertainment system, a living room that could host 50 people for a party, and a great kitchen to cook in.

And, oh yes, it's got a pool right in the living room in case you want to party and swim at the same time. No need to worry about the weather outside literally dampening anything.

It's so nice that I could live here. And as I type this, I've even asked the spa to send their manicurist and therapists to get stuff done while I'm waiting for my friends.

A fantastic place like this shouldn't be wasted simply on blogging and spa treatments so, yes, I've invited a couple of friends over to hang out with me and watch a typhoon pass us by.


Speaking of fantastic places, one event I'm missing this weekend is the Commanderie de Bordeaux get-together in Amanpulo this weekend. This tiny island has literally been taken over for a weekend by wine enthusiasts from Manila and all over Asia, and they're enjoying two nights of wine, wine, and more wine. And good food. The Commanderie de Bordeaux even flew in a well-known chef from Manila to oversee the dining aspect.

I'd thought of going as I really enjoy Commanderie events, but I just didn't want to get on another plane on one of my very few free weekends over the next few months. I was happy to just veg out in Manila -- if you can call this really a "veg weekend."

I'm cocooning right now in one of Manila's most beautiful suites, but tomorrow night I'm hosting dinner for two ambassadors and a hotel GM. So you might say that it's a busy-but-not-quite-so-busy sort of weekend.

I did experience a twinge of regret this morning, though, when one of the Commanderie guys BBM-ed me a photo of some of the group this morning, already talking about wine (and I assume, already drinking wine) so early in the morning.

"It's wet indoors and outdoors," he'd messaged. Yes, it was raining in Amanpulo as well, but it was literally pouring more indoors it seems

So I'm missing a terribly nice event, but still I can't complain. Where I'm in right now is pretty much a paradise in this typhoon. Just another day in a never-ending, and never-endingly eventful Travelife.


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