Thursday, June 28, 2012

Falling in love with Prague

Sorry but my blog entry is late today. I was up till 230 AM in Prague having a most enjoyable dinner with Manila friends who also happened to be in Prague at the same time. We had a great table by the river and we sat talking till midnight. And then we walked back to our hotels under a beautiful starry night, with Prague all ablaze with dramatic lights just like in a fairytale.

It was truly magical.


I've seen beautiful scenery everywhere in the world. But walking through the old town of Prague on such a beautiful evening, after hours of discussing life and politics over a bottle of wine, simply took my breath away. This hardly ever happens, but it happened last night.

I fell in love with Prague, one of Europe's best-kept secrets, for its intact Old World feeling and its relatively reasonable prices. There's music, life, architecture, culture and history in every corner -- you just need a little imagination to make everything come alive. Go while you can.

And we can recommend either Turkish Airlines via Hong Kong or KLM from Manila via Taipei. We did our research and these are two of the best ways to get to Prague in comfort, style and convenience.

Better blog entry in a couple of hours. For now, let the photos do the talking.


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