Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Dinner with the team at Sweet Bella

Tonight the Travelife team had dinner at Sweet Bella at the Fort to celebrate another successful issue. Our fantastic June-July issue, with Sri Lanka on the cover (photographed by David Lim of Makati's Zone 5 Camera Club), will be released on June 15.

Please get a copy at the bookstore this weekend, as it will have everything you need to know about Sri Lanka -- the perfect new but old destination for the been-there-done-that traveler who wants to see some amazing UNESCO World Heritage sites before everyone else gets there.

Of course, Travelife Magazine is the first media from this part of the world to cover it comprehensively -- and no one else will be able to cover it as comprehensively for a long time because by now we know Sri Lanka like the back of our hand.


Anyway, we were in relax mode as the issue is in print, although of course we've already long been working on our upcoming August-September 5th anniversary issue. But in the meantime, we decided to take a break and have dinner all together at Sweet Bella. Everyone likes the comfort food there, and especially the cakes.

Some of the Travelife team practically live in this restaurant so they know what to order by heart. Tonight it was the pesto pizza with chicken, the carbonara pasta and spaghetti amatriciana, the beef salpicao with steak rice (which is basically bits of steak fat fried with the rice) and the famous Sweet Bella monster burger. For dessert, we had the Mango Shortcake, made with Guimaras mangoes, which was just short of absolutely amazing.


We had a quite interesting conversation. I guess some of them read this blog so it's no secret that the last two days have been major stress thanks to some organization that really makes it hard for people to run businesses in the Philippines.

Then I said, just to put everything back into a light footing: "I believe in karma. If you're living a great life now, it's probably because you did some good things in your previous life. And if you're unlucky in life now, it's probably because you weren't a very good person in your past life."

Then I said, regarding these people giving me and other company owners some major grief: "Those people are really greedy. If karma is true, then they'll probably come back as fishes in their next life -- and I hope it'll be the kind an owner buys and places in an aquarium, and then forgets to feed."

Everyone laughed out loud but I wasn't kidding about this. I don't usually talk this way, by the way, and I can count the times with the fingers of one hand that I swear or think badly about others; I simply don't have the real time and psychological space for any kind of negativity. So the last two days have been a first. Scroll down to read more...


We also talked about contributors and friends of mine they see around the office -- and also about those they never see around the office. Lots of my regular contributors and friends like to drop by unannounced, and to hang out at our office even when I'm not there. I get to work and they're already there, shooting breeze with the team.

But there are also some people they never see at all. They were particularly curious about the ones they only read and never see. It certainly made for a fun evening to discuss the different personalities involved in Travelife Magazine, the Philippines' leading travel and lifestyle publication.


Finally we talked about all our plans for the future. We have the fantastic Travelife Drum Tao Nights coming up this July 12 to 22 at Resorts World. It's truly an amazing cultural performance designed to stimulate and shock all your senses. You won't know what hit you, with this world-class performance. You simply must see it. Make sure to book early to avoid the waiting lists. And see you there.


But first we've got to get on a plane for Istanbul and then onwards to Prague, where we rent a car in Munich and do what we do best: travel for the love it, and write for the love of travel. We at Travelife are travelers first and writers second; but fortunately we do both pretty well. That's why we're #1.

Just another evening in our never-ending, and never-endingly eventful Travelife.


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