Monday, April 23, 2012

The sweet world of Sadaharu Aoki

The rekindling of my fascination with the very sweet world of Sadaharu Aoki happened only very recently when a neighbor from Manila visited me here in Tokyo to spend Easter holidays together, and as a very nice thank you gift I was gifted with two boxes of Sadaharu Aoki sweets and chocolates.

Until then, I'd enjoyed Sadaharu Aoki sweets every now and then, but not so frequently as to write a blog entry solely about his creations. You know how it is when you live in a certain city -- you tend to take the charms of that city for granted. So I'd visited Sadaharu Aoki's very first patisserie in Tokyo in the Marunouchi district when it first opened and then not too frequently after that simply because I felt it'll always be there.


I couldn't help but notice, however, how so many of my Manila friends made it a pitstop in their foodie tour of Tokyo. Everyone bought boxes of the stuff to enjoy in their hotel rooms or to take home, and on several instances a couple of friends even brought boxes of his orange chocolates or his macarons to my Fuji house as after-dinner treats for everyone.

But throughout all this frenzy about a talented Japanese patissier who first made it big in Paris and then returned to Tokyo as a favored son, I largely smiled patiently and kept the calories off.


But these two gift boxes last week reminded me of what I'd been missing. And it just so happened that soon after that, I'd found myself in Tokyo Midtown, Tokyo's newest upscale shopping mall right in the center of town, where there's a Sadaharu Aoki boutique in the basement.

Then just my luck, but another of his boutiques is also opening this week, in a very new upscale mall that's just a short stroll from my house. What's all the fuss about? I'd very much like to say "taste it for yourself," but that's not possible unless you're headed for Paris or Tokyo soon.

In the meantime, I'm going to let some photos do the talking. And then I'm going to board a ship and sail out of Tokyo Bay for a couple of days of getting away from it all.



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