Monday, April 9, 2012

Cirque Mother Africa is coming to Manila

I'm going to be elsewhere for most of April; but if I was in Manila, I would certainly be watching Cirque Mother Africa, an amazing show that celebrates life, music, dance and arts all in one. This is a joyous adventure into the wonderful and magical world of an African human circus.

I'm a big fan of Africa although I don't visit it enough (although two countries in this region are among my target destinations for this year) so instead I grab any chance I get to experience African culture.

Cirque Mother Africa will certainly dazzle and mesmerize culture lovers. It's a two-hour show at the Newport Performing Arts Theater in Resorts World Manila that combines African music, dance and performance. It literally pulsates with the heartbeat of Africa, and showcases the many talents of 40 artists from nine African countries, including Ethiopia, South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Ivory Coast, Benin, Zimbabwe, and Guinea.

Although the artists come from all parts of the African continent, on stage, they fuse into a single family whose cheerfulness and passion immediately capture the audience. Each of the artists is a dancer, singer or musician and quite often a combination of all three.

Having performed sold out shows to millions in Germany, Italy, Romania, Russia, Netherlands, Australia, Belgium and Spain, Cirque Mother Africa will tantalise audiences in Manila with its very unique African spectacle. Dancers, percussionists, singers, acrobats and contortionists energetically take to the stage in a celebration of the culture of the traditional and modern African continent.


Cirque Mother Africa started in Tanzania in October 2006. A world premiere in Germany in December 2006 followed and “Mama Africa – Circus of Joy” was born. The show toured to sell-out crowds, playing to more than 300,000 people in small cities and towns in Germany.

Since then, this circus production has grown and the 2011/12 production is an anniversary programme which will feature some of the best acts from the past four to five years as well as new ones.


Some of the show's highlights include foot juggling, magic and illusions, bounce juggling and contortionists. But there will also be new highlights during this anniversary programme, which come straight from Mama Africa's school for artists, masterminded by Winston Ruddle, the producer.

Winston used to be a street and circus artist plus a break dancer in Bulawayo before he opened his school in Dar Es Salaam where he now trains promising African talent. Don't miss what promises to be a most amazing show.

"You can hear the pulse of the earth beating"
(Heilbronner Zeitung, Germany)

"It’s Cirque Du Soleil with an abundant African flavor"
(Australian Stage)

April 19-22, 2012

Tickets available at
Tel. 891-9999

PS: Coincidentally, I was clearing my Blackberry of some photos to make way for all the new photos I'm taking here in Japan; and I saw some photos of African art that I took when I visited the office of the Ambassador of South Africa in Manila a few months ago. I'm posting these along with this blog entry to give you more of an idea of the wondrous culture of Africa.



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