Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Shopping with guys in Colombo

Yesterday was a wonderful but exhausting and busy day. My two friends and I went through my quite extensive list of things to see and do on this trip to Colombo; fortunately we have the same general interests and they have lots of patience. So we saw all the cool shops, restaurants and places of interest and did a bit of shopping, and just so much talking and laughing in between.

We talked the whole day when we weren't concentrating on admiring something or trying to decide whether to buy something or not. In fact, lunch today was rather surreal because after a morning of sightseeing and shopping around the district of Colombo called Colombo 7, which is basically like their Makati, we had Indian and Sri Lankan food at the Taj Hotel and our conversation over curry was pretty deep and philosophical for the middle of the day, especially after a couple of hours of shopping for brassware and silverware.


What fun it is to shop with two guys. First, I had sounding boards on everything, and they certainly had lots of opinions. Then I had someone to help me carry my bags afterwards. One of the guys is going home a day earlier and he purposely brought an empty bag just for my purchases, so that I would have more luggage allocation. How nice is that?

"I love having both of you on trips," I teased them. But it's true. We worked pretty hard, but we also had so much fun. At any given time -- except at the very end of the day, when we were all just simply exhausted -- one of us was teasing the others, so it was a constant battle of wits and jokes.


Meanwhile, Colombo is just wonderful. For some inexplicable reason, I feel so happy to be back here in this beautiful country after 11 months. I know it a little better now compared to last year, and in between my first trip and now, I've made many Sri Lankan friends, so I feel pretty close to the country. That makes all the difference, and it makes me feel like a real traveler here rather than just a tourist.

At the same time, the UNESCO World Heritage sites in Sri Lanka never fail to amaze me. They're not only visually stunning sites, but they're also amazing from a historical perspective. The more I read about these sites, the more I'm impressed with the depth and sophistication of Sri Lankan culture for 2000 years. Few places in Asia have these many amazing historical sites within such a small island.

This is all for now. Gotta climb a mountain in a few hours...




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