Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Just landed in Colombo

Good morning from Colombo, where we landed about 90 minutes ago after a pretty long flight that took us first to Kuala Lumpur for a ten-minute change of planes, and then it was another 3.5 hours from KL to Colombo.

I'm here with two friends who are going to help me with my magazine project, and so far, so fun. We've been laughing a lot and thinking about all the crazy things we're going to do. I sat with one of my friends in an empty row of the plane and towards the end of the flight from Manila to KL, we began talking about what we wanted to do in Sri Lanka.


At the beginning of the flight, I just didn't feel like talking to anyone as I needed major de-stressing after a pretty hectic few weeks. So I spent the first two hours just catching up on the Wall Street Journal, Forbes Magazine and a couple of other international magazines that help me keep up with what's happening in the world. I got so engrossed that I didn't even open my Mac.

Then, when I'd sufficiently relaxed, my friend came over to sit with me and we started talking about Sri Lanka and also about life philosophies in general. "I'm terribly busy but I really wanted to do this trip," I told him. "I want to just forget a bit about work and try to focus on the now -- to experience, observe and savor every detail of the trip so I can get the full-on experience." That's a real travel experience.

He agreed. "Let's live it to the full," he said. "Let's do crazy things. Let's make sure every moment counts."

Where was that bottle of wine when we needed it?


My other friend who completed our party of three to Sri Lanka was seated elsewhere, but when we got together in the van upon arrival, he too seemed game to try anything and everything. How nice, I thought. I have the perfect companions for the trip.

With luck, we're going to be riding elephants, chilling out by the beach with talks about life and life philosophies, climbing Sri Lanka's most famous mountain, and also contending with monkeys coming up to our porch in this beautiful hotel in the middle of nowhere that I've been wanting to stay in for the longest time. Now I'll get my chance as I got us booked there from tomorrow.

I'll also get to climb Sigiriya finally.

"Did you do it the last time?" One of the guys asked. I shook my head. It had been hot and I'd elected to go shopping for sarees instead after taking all the photo ops from the bottom. It was the guys who went all the way to the top.

"That's why I'm going to do it this time. I've always regretted not doing so ever since," I replied.

One of the guys said: "You were just waiting for the right company to be with you in Sigiriya."

Perhaps so. Because so far were off to a pretty promising start.



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