Sunday, March 4, 2012

The best place to stay near the underground river

Last weekend, while I was thrashing the bushes around Bagan, Myanmar, in search of photo-perfect opportunities, some of the Travelife team flew to Puerto Princesa to check out the underground river.

Since the Puerto Princesa Underground River was selected as one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature, everyone who still hasn't been there has been planning a trip as soon as possible -- before the crowds from the rest of the world come.


Unfortunately, there aren't many places to stay near the underground river as, first, there's a dearth of quality accommodations in Puerto Princesa itself; and, second, the underground river is a good two hours away from Puerto Princesa.

The good news is that there is one very good hotel, and this is the one we recommend to friends because we've stayed there ourselves. It's the Sheridan Hotel right on Sabang beach and only 20 minutes away from the underground river by boat. That's really advantageous because you certainly don't want to do a four-hour roundtrip by speeding van on winding roads from Puerto to see the underground river and head back again to Puerto all in one day.

I went to see the underground river for myself last July, and this was also where I stayed. I had a great time getting a massage by the beach and just relaxing on the eco-friendly grounds, when I wasn't hanging out at the underground river.


The pristine Sheridan Beach Resort and Spa boasts of 94 elegant rooms and suites with Asian-inspired interiors and a touch of local Palawan culture. It's not over-the-top luxury but it's very comfortable and relaxing. Soothe your senses with a relaxing massage or course through invigorating spa treatments using natural aromatherapy oils, herbs and spices at Sheridan’s very own nature spa. Or better yet, get your massage right on the beach, as I did, the last time I was there.


The food's great and it's healthy, too. Enjoy a palatable of local and international fusion cuisines with healthy options of ingredients either straight from the sea or organic vegetables straight from Sheridan’s Organic Farm partnered with cocktails during the evening or refreshing juices and drinks to beat the heat during the day.

And when you're not exploring the underground river or spending time in the spa, there's still lots of other things to do. We recommend traversing the roads and sand bars around the area riding an ATV/Motor Vehicle for an exciting and daring exploration of the beautiful sights of this side of Palawan. Themed-tours highlighting the destination's main attractions are also available for first-time travelers.

Sheridan Beach Resort and Spa




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  2. Was this a paid ad for Sheridan? Sheridan is definitely a nice place, but so too is Daluyon Beach and Mountain Resort. Daluyon is also an excellent place. Referring to Sheridan "that there is one very good hotel" and "FEW CHOICES TO STAY, BUT ONE GOOD ONE" is disingenuous at best. I live in Puerto Princesa & I've been to the Underground River 5 times. Sheridan is NOT the ONLY nice place in that area. There are also plenty of inexpensive places from Dub Dub's to The Green Verde that will give you a cheap place to sleep & access to a fantastic beach, & pretty good food too.

  3. Hello. Thank you for your comment. There are many places to stay near the underground river, but only Sheridan Hotel fit our criteria for upmarket travelers looking for high quality accommodations.