Monday, February 20, 2012

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This evening the Travelife team had a celebration dinner at UMU restaurant of the Dusit Thani Manila to toast to the very great success of our Travelife Japan Night and Travelife Japan Lunch projects. Everyone worked very hard on these projects, regardless of what department they were from.

That's just the company philosophy and my personal philosophy: No one can keep working at Travelife Magazine if they don't know how to multi-task, work fast and efficiently, keep to schedules, and put out great work all at the same time.


I know it's asking a lot. But finally we've been really lucky as almost everyone on our current team is on the same wave length regarding this. People who've worked with me know I can do a dozen things at the same time and do them very quickly; so I have very little patience for people who work slowly, who just want to stick to their job description and not do teamwork, and are complaining and negative all the time.

Travelife Magazine is growing so fast that there's no time for negative.

Anyway, so we were seated around tables at UMU having exactly the same food served at Travelife Japan Lunch. We all didn't get to eat the meals because we were so busy on Thursday and Friday, so I decided to invite everyone to dinner tonight so they would be able to eat what they'd missed.

And as we were talking shop and doing travel schedules for the year, I realized we're double-booked and even triple-booked for trips. That's what happens when you're the Philippines' leading travel & lifestyle magazine. You're constantly on the road seeking out adventures.

So we're looking for a couple of really good people we can keep on our Rolodex and offer trips to every now and then, in exchange for some really good work.


And, personally, this is what I'm looking for:

1) GOOD BASIC TECHNICALS. You don't have to be a pro but you need to be good. You need to be able to take great landscape and portrait photos, and at the same time write great articles with deep insight into what you've experienced and observed. I'm not expecting perfect prose because we can fix that part; but I do want good and pretty sophisticated writing.

We prefer people who actually are not writing for a living. We want people who are in non-media professions and who -- up until now -- are traveling because they love it.

If you'll look at our magazine, you'll know that most of our part-time editors and regular contributors are actually doing something else and they're pretty good at what they do. But when they're free, they travel to places that interest them; and when they feel like it (or if I'm able to convince or sweet-talk them into doing so), they write about their travels.

We don't want writers who are simply going after one junket after another, or going from one magazine to another, because their writing tends to sound like one big press release and fall into a cookie-cutter mold. Travelife is #1 because all of us are passionate about traveling not as a job but as a way of life; and we just happen to be connected with one magazine.

And -- very important point here -- we don't accept writers who send in their articles to other publications or rehash one trip into two or three articles for different magazines or newspapers. This may be acceptable to other magazines, but not to us. My policy is that you either write only for us, or pls send your articles elsewhere. If you want your by-line in #1, you shouldn't be hanging around with the rest. It's a free world but you have to make a choice.

I personally prefer people who are doing other things and writing is just an aside. We like real travelers at Travelife, and we believe that being out of the industry gives our contributors a different perspective. I also notice that non-professional writers generally spend much more time thinking about their article and writing this, compared to the pros who have five articles to do in two weeks.

Finally, other pluses: a curiosity about the world, a knowledge of other cultures and history, and a pretty well-rounded education would be great. You'll be representing Travelife after all. Oh yes, and sometimes you'll travel alone, but other times you'll have to travel with one or all of our team.

In the case of the latter, a talent for occasional conversation would be great. Personally, I don't like to talk to people on the plane or in a car, and I like lots of mental space. But I do appreciate interesting conversations at dinner and a good joke every so often. We laugh a lot while we're working on Travelife trips. And overall, we all expect teamwork because that's how we operate.

I know it's a pretty detailed wish list. But it's a fantastic experience to travel the Travelife way and if you think you can fill all or at least some of the above, please send us photo and writing samples, and some information on yourself. Email

All applications are confidential, and everything submitted will be seriously considered.



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