Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mind over matter -- at a museum

Today was another busy Travelife sort of day, with three parties in the evening including the National Day reception of the Embassy of Libya at the Mandarin Oriental.

But in the afternoon, I left the office for an hour to head over to the Fort for the exclusive Sony preview for the Mind Museum. My curiosity got the better of me. I'd been driving past the Mind Museum for months, wondering what exactly it would have inside -- especially with a name like that. And today I had the perfect chance to see the museum at leisure sans the crowds that are sure to head this way once it's officially open.

The museum's set-up is quite interesting, and what greets you at the very front is a talking robot, sponsored by JP Morgan, that's sure to mesmerize little kids. Then, just a little further down, is a giant replica of the skeleton of a dinosaur. I don't think there's ever been an exhibit of this kind in the Philippines, and there's even a staircase that will get you a close-up view of the dinosaur's face.

There's also a diorama that shows how dinosaurs lived eons of centuries ago.

This Mind Museum is certainly our most cutting-edge museum so far -- and I hope the companies behind it are able to maintain it well and to keep it alive with ever-changing exhibits and interesting activities. I met one of the planners this afternoon and she mentioned the museum's plans to create activities and workshops for kids. We certainly need more of these types of activities either sponsored by companies or offered at an affordable price for more families to expose their kids to.


Well, Sony is right at the forefront of this museum project. To bring Filipinos to the frontiers of science and technology, they've provided top-of-the-line and state-of-the-art gadgets such as Bravia LCD television units, touch screen VAIOs, and 3D Projector Systems to make the exhibits more interactive and user-friendly.

The Mind Museum is an enthralling learning facility perfect for everyone. With over 250 interactive exhibits that can be discovered in five main galleries, children and parents alike won’t have a hard time understanding and appreciating the different aspects of science.


The Hall of the 10 Most Beautiful Experiments uses Sony's Bravia screens to showcase a colorful visual representation of the 10 most beautiful experiments in science based on the book The Prism and the Pendulum: 10 Most Beautiful Experiments in Science by Robert Crease.


The Hall of Philippine Science, on the other hand, features digital photos of various topics such as conservation science, sustainable communities, rice culture and Filipino scientists.

The Mind Museum is an enthralling learning facility for kids age 6 to 96. It has over 250 interactive exhibits. Divided into five main galleries, it tells the story of the atom, Earth, life, universe, and technology:


The Atom Gallery has exhibit pieces that show the strange world of the very small in terms of forces and particles. It features exhibit pieces but go further to explore these at the atomic and particle level. The force of these articles comes alive in the Sony Bravia TV screens and Sony 3D active glasses. VAIO touch screen units are also present in this gallery to show a video on the use of nuclear energy and about nuclear physics, among others.


The Earth Gallery tells of the story of the planet and our archipelago across the breadth of time; it includes a 3D animated film made by an all-Filipino crew that features 4.6 billion years of the planet's natural history and evolution in 12 minutes.

The majesty of Mother Earth unfolds in all its grandeur here. Visitors can watch 3D animated films made possible by Sony’s technology. Its revolutionary 3D Projection System, a technology that Sony will only make available locally in The Mind Museum, shows the film “Birthplace,” a 12-minute show of the 4.6 billion year history of the Earth and the film, “Simula,” which shows the history of the Philippines in 6 minutes.


The Life Gallery is a dive into deeper understanding of how life surrounds and inhabits us – from microbes to large animals (such as a life size ‘butanding’), and from DNA, cells to a giant human brain model.

The mysteries of life unfold before visitors here as it offers a deeper understanding of how living things—from microbes to large animals—grow and survive, and provides a glimpse at their amazing transformation from mere DNA particles into complete organisms. The Life Gallery also has a giant human brain model, which will leave guests in awe.


The Universe Gallery features the mysterious vastness of the universe and holds clues to where we came from and where we are going. The gallery also contains a unique planetarium which simulates star-gazing from the point of view of literally laying down on a bed beneath the stars.

Distant galaxies, planets and other astronomical bodies come to light with VAIO touch screens, Bravia TV screens and S-Frames showcased here. The exhibits attempt to explain the origin of universe. It also takes guests on a unique star-gazing experience, allowing them to lie on a bed beneath a canopy of stars.


The Technology Gallery, located above all four galleries, shows how we, with the tools we invent and innovate, are able to express our evolving humanity. It is the story of how we humans have explored ways of being alive.

The Technology Gallery takes guests on a journey of man’s innovations through the years, as captured in the tools and technologies that humans invented throughout the years. This gallery tells the story of how science inspired humans to create, invent and innovate using the elements that the Earth naturally provided us.


The Mind Museum also has an outdoor Science-in-the-Park where visitors can experience playful science through four-themed pockets: Music, Math, Living and Water. Other educational offerings include facilities such as an auditorium, laboratory and classrooms, for educational workshops which explore how things work and the relationship of science to other fields of learning.

The Mind Museum formally opens to the public on March 16. Take your kids for an afternoon of stimulation and fun learning experiences.

JY Campos Park, 3rd Avenue
Bonifacio Global City



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