Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Life in pastel colors

Makati was one big jumble of a traffic tonight. I don't know what was happening, but it took me a good 45 minutes just to get from my office in Legazpi Village to the Peninsula Manila, where I was to have a drink with my old friend JC, in town for a few days on business.


We met at the lobby, which has been the setting for many happy events, and it was just like old times. In fact, more than being just like old times, it was like deja vu to see him across the table at the Peninsula.
We were then joined by another good friend from Tokyo, also here for a few days and leaving tomorrow; so you might say it was like killing two birds with one stone. But, if so, that was a very short murder. We were all busy and we had about a half-hour to catch up on half a year of living in different countries in different continents.


But some things never change, of course. Like my hectic schedule.

"Still have three events a night?" He asked me. I nodded and smiled. Counting in drinks with him, I was triple-booked and scheduled to go to an exhibit opening and an embassy party.

In the good old days when he was still living in Manila, he was just as bad as me as far as events went; and perhaps one of the reasons we became close is because we were always seeing each other in parties several times a week.

But I quite like going to interesting events because I appreciate the cultural and intellectual stimulation. You also meet old friends and interesting new people. Today, at event # 2, for instance, via a lady I'd traveled to South India with about two years ago, I'd met a doctor who'd biked 400 kms from Germany to Austria with four friends.


Then it was time to say goodbye to JC; but not before I said: "Manila's not the same without you guys." Of course he's stuffy in a very British way so he's allergic to anything sentimental or soapy. I can't even remember what he replied, but in a minute he was off to his next appointment and I headed up to the hotel's M floor for the opening of Marivic Rufino's 17th art exhibit, entitled Romanza II, Dreamscapes 2012.

This is the very same exhibit she brought to Madrid in June last year, and now she's exhibiting her works at the Peninsula Manila until February 27, with proceeds going to the St. Mary's House in Tagaytay.


Marivic Rufino was schooled in Europe and the United States, graduating valedictorian of the Marymount International School in Rome and then graduating with honors from the Marymount Manhattan College in New York.

She has been painting for the longest time although she does a dozen other things as well including produce concerts, run a business and ride horses. Looking at her works over the years, I think her style has evolved and now she's painting lovely and colorful watercolors that make one really think of a dreamy world of landscapes and seascapes.


She'd sent me a box of notecards late last year with her paintings on them. I save them for special occasions and use them only for notes to good friends -- yes, I'm one of these people who write notes for everything, so I tend to use up cards by the boxes in a couple of weeks -- but writing on them really gives me pleasure. You can feel only happiness and positive vibrations when you see her works, and this translates into her notecards.

What surprised me today was the fact that Marivic is exhibiting not only paintings but also furniture and decorative items with her own paintings printed on silk. Everything was lovely, and a screen with a full-sized print of her paintings, pillows and a very comfortable chair covered in silk with her designs particularly caught my eye.

Go and see Marivic's works at the Peninsula for an afternoon of colorful happiness.



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