Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A month of eating dangerously: July 2011

Here are more photos, mostly of food, taken with my Blackberry while traveling and eating around the world. This is how my July 2011 looked like.

The Dubai Mall has everything.
I tried to think of food and clothing brands it didn't have
and I could only name a handful.
It even has a branch of this great gelato place circa 1907.
I had a great super chocolate gelato here.

A very nice coffee shop at the Dubai Mall.

I love Cacao Sampaka for its very dark hot chocolate and ice cream,
and I always visit the Tokyo branch in Marunouchi.
It was so hot when I visited Dubai so I was very happy to find this oasis.

The best croissants are from Maison Kayser in Paris.
If I don't eat them in Paris, I usually get them at the JAL lounge in Tokyo.
But Dubai Mall had an Eric Kayser branch!

The Dubai Mall even had a branch of my favorite Paris deli.

The Armani Hotel adjacent to the Dubai Mall
is such a chill place to stay in.

Some of the yummiest roast chicken I've had:
at Rostang, the Dubai outpost of Michel Rostang
at the Atlantis Hotel

It was chicken for two,
but I ordered it for myself.

Still at Rostang at the Atlantis Hotel in Dubai:
a very good lobster bisque.

I really indulged myself at Rostang and had a huge meal.
I started with a large slab of pate de foie gras.

This isn't food. But it's a photo of my favorite carpet shop
at the Dubai Mall. Right next to Galleries Lafayette.

Artwork at the Atlantis Hotel, Dubai

Artwork at the Atlantis Hotel, Dubai

A giant indoor aquarium at the Atlantis Hotel

My favorite place at the Atlantis Hotel

A steak at Aubergine with my friend M:
Last meal before flying to Dubai

Trio of appetizers at Aubergine with my friend M




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