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TRAVELIFE's secret Christmas (wholesale) shopping place

Yesterday afternoon I was incommunicado as I was busy shopping in the equivalent of kitchen heaven. It’s a secret shopping place known only to the trade – hotels, restaurants, embassies – and they don’t really do retail. But I’ve arranged it with the manager that if you read this blog and want to go to their warehouse and buy something at wholesale prices, all you have to do is make an advance appointment with them and mention that you read about them in the Travelife blog.

Stuff, stuff and more stuff!

It’s that simple and they’re super nice, so if you’re interested in replenishing your kitchen, your dining room accessories, and housewares – or if you’re looking for some gifts! They have beautiful boxed sets of porcelain for as low as P100! – check them out as soon as possible.


The warehouse is along the Merville Annex Road in Pasay but it’s not far at all. From Manila Polo Club, it took me around 15 minutes by crossing SLEX into a back road and, voila, we were there. Very near but I suggest you ask them for a map if you go. And then, to gain entry to this wholesale paradise, all you have to do is call Navin Sadarangani of World Class Concepts (or his assistant Rain) and make an appointment.

Don’t forget to mention Travelife as this is ordinarily a trade-only warehouse, but they’ve kindly agreed to open it up to Travelife readers and friends only for retail.

That's Navin, the guy to talk to
about kitchen and dining ware at wholesale prices

* * *

Don't forget to mention the magic word: Travelife Magazine

Call Navin Sadarangani or his assistant Rain
Tels 215-3687/ 824-3856/ 824-3859

* * *


Kitchen stuff galore

When I saw Navin yesterday, he said quickly apologized: “So sorry about the mess, but it’s Christmas and it’s been chaos here.”

What mess? I was in seventh heaven peeking and poking through everything for treasures I needed, and even treasures I didn’t need. Suddenly I needed a new wine cooler, new chafing dishes, and even new mops. And, oh yes, that iPod docking radio was calling my name.

They have everything from ordinary quality brands to pretty high-end stuff. In fact, I saw sets of some pretty expensive cutlery from Italy that I'd just bought somewhere else, and it was at less than half-price here. But everything is displayed together so you really have to search through the brands.

I also fell in love with a beautiful glass display and bought it on the spot. It’s the kind of thing deluxe hotels use for their top-of-the-line buffets, and I was already imagining how I would put little cakes on it and wow my guests coming for my Christmas cocktails this Sunday.

Practically every kind of wine bucket stand you can imagine.
One of these was calling my name.


If you’ve been reading my blog, you’ll know we have a little project in our neighborhood wherein people open their houses and host the neighbors for Christmas cocktails. Once you opt to host a cocktail at your own home, you automatically are included in everyone else’s cocktails. So we’ve been doing two or three cocktails a week in addition to the usual Christmas party circuit, and so far nothing has ended before 1 AM. Tiring and hectic but lots of fun.

If you’ve been following this saga, you’ll also know that the wow factor for these cocktails has just been getting bigger and bigger. The second-to-the-last party had a chorale group as entertainment, while Sunday’s hostess had hired the best caterers in town for her “simple cocktails.”


Last night, I was invited to another neighbor’s Christmas cocktails although she wasn’t part of our open-house circuit, and so it was more of a private party. I followed after the Sta. Lucia Christmas Festival party of the Ambassador of Finland. Again, more of the wow factor at my neighbor’s party last night. She had a really good singer serenading us the whole night and the Mandarin Oriental had catered everything by the poolside.


We have another neighborhood cocktail party tonight, and tonight’s hostess is known as the lady with the mostest -- as in the most number of bags, and the biggest diamonds and pearls in the world. I hear she's on some diamond owners' registry along with Queen Elizabeth II.

So I’m sure we’re in for major entertaining tonight as well. And now you can see what I’m up for, being the hostess on Sunday the 18th, and it’s the last Christmas party for the year in our neighborhood circuit.

Everyone thinks I’m going to hire one of my favorite hotels or get a famous singer, but just between you and me (and the rest of the world reading this blog), it’s going to be pretty simple and I’m going to have some very nice music on the iPod. That is, if I don’t cave in to social pressure at the last minute!


Now back to World Class Concepts. Walking through their showroom is like being in the kitchenware and diningware section of a major department store, albeit it’s more cramped. And because things are not displayed for retail, not too much attention is given to the lighting and showcasing although everything is visible enough. But just think what extra costs they’re not adding on to the items because they’re not spending on lights and showcases. These are really great wholesale prices.

“I have people come in here saying to me: ‘Why didn’t I know about you before?’ Or ‘Where have you been all my life?’” Navin revealed. Of course. If you’re buying a whole new dinner set or a new set of pots and pans, it certainly makes sense to get them from a wholesale place instead of from some department store. And now, via Travelife, you can.


And just in case you go in, take a quick look at their showroom and think it’s rather small – it’s basically two rooms – then you’d better ask to see the warehouse behind. They carry approximately 2000 pieces of each item you see in the showroom (which has about 34,000 individual items for sale); and that warehouse can fit 3 Boeing 747s inside.

They have glassware, dining sets, kitchenware, cleaning ware and just about everything for household use. Plus lots of pretty things for Christmas gifts at great prices. Go if you’re in the mood for a great deal for Christmas. Just don’t forget the magic password: TRAVELIFE Magazine.

Just another (shopping) day in a never-ending Travelife.

* * *

Don't forget to mention the magic word: Travelife Magazine

Call Navin Sadarangani or his assistant Rain
Tels 215-3687/ 824-3856/ 824-3859

* * *

You can even have your company name
or greeting customized on this cocktail glass, Navin says.

Anyone for a chocolate fountain?
This is a top-of-the-line one from Italy.
It costs PhP400,000!


Travelife Magazine's
Oct-Nov 2011 Issue


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