Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The next AFC Celebrity Chef is a Filipino!

NAME: Dino Ferrari
AGE: 26
COUNTRY: Philippines

Dino initially studied business in school, until he told his parents that he really wanted to try his hand at cooking. When he was 22 years old, he finally had his first cooking experience in a kitchen in France where he apprenticed for eight months. Since then, his parents have supported him in every way possible, allowing him to cultivate and grow his craft.

The happy-go-lucky and hopeless romantic admits to loving travelling on holidays with his girlfriend. He also loves the great outdoors where he can camp and hang out under the sun. Every once in a while, Dino also organizes a game of tennis or futsal with his friends.

About the AFC challenge, he said at the outset: “A relative once said to me that the fastest way to a woman’s heart is through her dad’s mouth! I’m hoping I impress more than just one person after being in this competition!”

His passion for cooking began when his sister, who attended a hotel school, would return home and share simple recipes, tricks on plating and even how to fold napkins. Instead of watching cartoons as a kid, he would be fascinated by cooking shows. Dino’s all time favourite cooking heroes is Michael Chiarello, who doesn’t just cook, but showcases great showmanship.


Why did you think you had the potential to be the winner of E&O Search for AFC’s Next Celebrity Chef?
I love to cook, entertain friends and family! Most of all, I love making people smile. With all the energy, determination and willingness to try anything new, I know I can be the all rounded celebrity chef that AFC and E&O are searching for.

This is my second chance at achieving a successful culinary career. A couple of years ago, due to a personal matter, I had to leave L’Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne, a top hotel and restaurant management school. I thought that was the end of my culinary career. But here I am! I want to build a name for myself, and be recognised as not only a good chef, but also one that entertains from the heart, making people laugh!

What was your first memorable food experience?
I order escargots when I was 10 years old. My sister joked that I would definitely grow up to be a foodie!

Which three (3) ingredients can you not live without?
Butter, for simply being butter! I’m Filipino, so I need to have my rice fix. The last ingredient would be garlic as it adds flavour to everything and anything!

Name one (1) ingredient that best represents you.
Cheese (any blue cheese) because the older I get, the better I am!

Which kitchen pet peeve of yours irks out your peers?
People get really annoyed with me when I start asking questions. I’m very inquisitive, especially with so many new gadgets in the kitchen, or the different types of cuisine that are waiting to be developed to their full potential. I want to learn and absorb everything possible, whenever wherever!

If you could choose, what would your last meal be?
Easy! Linguini with smoked salmon cream sauce. I would eat that as a last meal for a month straight!


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