Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Manila society at its playful best

The Tenchavez family

The Concepcion family

I've so enjoyed looking at this year's Philippines Yearbook, which features 75 families in Manila photographed in very uncharacteristic ways by Tom Epperson. Conceptualized and produced by Grace Glory Go and her son Vernon Go, the Philippines Yearbook this year is a real keeper because every photo is a work of art.

I'm sure everyone had fun being photographed by Tom in such unusual ways. I was asked to wear a formal gown and to go to Star City at 3 PM one day in September.

"Star City??" I asked, completely aghast. "In a gown??"

I can still remember my shock when Gracie told me that I was to wear a gown and to meet Tom for a photo shoot on top of a ferris wheel. "You're still lucky," she teased me. "At least you're in a ball gown. Fortune and her family were asked to come in pajamas."

The photograph that resulted, of Madame Fortune Ledesma, honorary consul of Monaco, and her son and granddaughter, is so beautiful, however. It's my favorite photo in the entire book of beautiful photographs.

Fortune Ledesma and son RJ

As for Tom, by the way, he changed his mind at the last minute and placed us at the end of a roller coaster instead. But what a photograph! I loved how it turned out.

But every family was photographed in a really interesting way. I can't stop looking at the book, and it's so nice to see so many families I know included as well. Get a copy of the Philippine Yearbook at the nearest bookstore today, before it sells out. It sold out immediately at the book launch and even I had to wait a couple of weeks for my own copy.

The Washington Sycip family

George Ty and family

The Tesoro family

Russ Alfonso and son

Alfonso Yuchengco and family

Gigi Montinola & family

The Laurel family

The Golbourn family

The Coyiuto family

Johnny Litton and son Martin

The Romulo family

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