Saturday, November 12, 2011

"Where are all the pretty and single girls?"

"Where are all the pretty and single girls?" My friend in the airline business wanted to know last night. We'd been talking about common friends and who was dating whom, and I'd happened to mention that there was a dearth of great available guys in Manila compared to all the attractive and available girls.

Well, my friend happened to know one very eligible guy who needed to be set up, and he made the mistake of mentioning this; of course the women at the table pounced on him immediately with ideas for dates for this "very eligible guy."

"There are so many pretty and single girls," I said. "It's the guys that are the problem. In the media industry alone, I know so many girls who would like nice dates."


The guys in the table wanted to know: why are there so many attractive and single girls in media then?

I shrugged my shoulders and replied: "I guess girls in media are quite busy with their jobs and there aren't really many chances to meet guys outside of the industry."

And my airline friend added: "I guess media girls are also quite sophisticated, so they're probably looking for a certain type of guy rather than just any guy. Of course that's much harder to find."


This was going on at a dinner given by a friend tonight, and I must confess that I haven't stayed up as late as this for a sit-down dinner in a very long time. What a wonderful evening of good friends, good food and really funny conversation - to think we sat down to eat the dining table at about 8 pm and didn't get up till midnight, just talking all the time.

The dinner was hosted by a good friend who had just dressed up her house for Christmas, and the way she did it was truly beautiful. It wasn't the usual Christmas decor. Instead, she had silvery and green foliage ever so naturally draped down walls that only went midway up the ceiling; and a really pretty tree with the same silvery and green foliage in one corner.

I've been tarrying about getting the boxes of Christmas decor out of storage, but seeing her house tonight inspired me to start early and do a great job.


The food was fantastic as well. The specialties of the house are lechon kawali and a vegetable dish with chili and coconut milk that was spicy and really good. We also had a mean kare-kare -- the best in town -- plus barbecue, pancit palabok and pasta with an aligue sauce. Dessert was a wonderful sans rival cake which she'd ordered from some place in Valle Verde, reportedly the best place in town for sans rival because they make it very crunchy and top it with loads of real nuts. Everything was so bad for the body but so good.


But the best part about the evening was the conversation. We were a party of 7 and it was just the right mix of people for a really relaxed and fun evening. Someone was in the airline business, another was a lawyer and still another ran one of the best casual restaurants in Makati. Someone else was into dozens of other businesses including a vineyard and a manufacturing company. And perhaps the common denominator -- apart from a love of good food -- was a love for travel.

I honestly can't remember laughing so much in a long time, and everyone contributed something funny to the general conversation to make it interesting enough to sit in one place for four hours straight. And, at the end of the evening, we still had not solved the riddle as to why there are so many eligible and attractive women in Manila compared to eligible and attractive guys.

Just another evening in a never-ending, and never-endingly eventful Travelife.

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