Monday, November 14, 2011

A strawberry and Travelife's travel writing workshop

Today I could barely keep awake as I'd been at a neighbor's Christmas cocktails until about 1 am and then I had to do the set-up for our Christmas tree display at the Dusit Thani lobby, and I was there until 6 am. Boy, Makati certainly is peaceful so early in the morning. And the hard work was worth it as our Christmas tree is beautiful. More on that in a later blog.

But this morning I was falling asleep on my computer when my paraphernalia friend J and I began an interesting series of BBMs about his history and notoriety. It was quite fun actually, so it actually woke me up.

"You must be so hard to live with," I teased him, after we'd discussed his notoriety.

"I'm so low-profile I don't know why people keep talking about me," he messaged. It certainly sounded like a half-hearted attempt at a complaint. So I sent back a BBM: "Bet you secretly like it."

The response came back quickly. "I think you like it more." He meant that his notoriety was helping this blog, and that more people were reading it because of stories about him. We were just fooling around this morning. Who knows -- maybe he was just bored or stuck in traffic. As for me, I was BBM-ing him back so studiously because I was trying to keep awake.

"Can't possibly think why you would imagine so," I said sweetly. I even added a smiley face with sunglasses for effect.

Then out of the blue he BBM-ed me a million-dollar question: "Why is your BBM photo still the strawberry I fed you?" There was a smiley face at the end as usual.

It's true. My BBM profile photo is still that of a single luscious strawberry that I'd been served on one of our first dinners together at a Japanese restaurant a million years ago. I'd made it my profile photo as a joke when J was the only person on my BBM list. Now I've expanded my BBM world, however, and he's just one of dozens of BBM friends. Or even hundreds.

But I was amused by his question. "Do you really want to know why?" I asked him. The answer came back in seconds. "Yes," he replied.

I could feel momentum building up here, but the answer was really very simple. Finally I replied: "I just keep forgetting to change it. Besides, I haven't found a nicer photo to use."

But perhaps I will find a nicer photo to use sometime soon.

The Art (and Joys) of Travel Writing
Saturday, November 12
Fully Booked, Bonifacio High Street

Special thanks to Jun Reynales

"That was a fun, fun, fun workshop.
So much insight. With (literally) icing on top.
Haha. Let's do it again!"
- posted by A.M. on Facebook

The Travelife team at the workshop registration

"Great job with the workshop!
Hope it expands and evolves into
more learning sessions with your readers."
- posted by R.V. on Facebook
Travelife Publisher Christine Cunanan &
Travelife Contributing Editor Miko Liwanag

A participant at the workshop

Gabby Malvar, Travelife Editor at Large

"I thoroughly enjoyed Saturday afternoon with you guys.
Aside from the writing workshop,
I also learned how to be a better traveler.
Great job!"
- posted by R.V. on Twitter

A participant at the workshop

Travelife Editor at Large Gabby Malvar &
Travelife Publisher Christine Cunanan

"It was a learning experience for me.
Great job and kudos to the organizers.
Hope there will be a part 2."
- posted by A.M. on Facebook

Travelife General Manager Leah Gohu
holds the certificates of completion
for The Art (and Joys) of Travel Writing

A participant at the workshop

A participant at the workshop

The Travelife team at the workshop

Gabby Malvar, Travelife Editor at Large

A participant at the workshop

Miko Liwanag, Travelife Contributing Editor

"It was very inspiring."
-posted by M.O. on Facebook

Participants at the workshop

Travelife Magazine's
Oct-Nov 2011 Issue


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