Thursday, November 10, 2011

Kylie Minouge and the shortcake were the sweetest of all

Sweet Bella's strawberry shortcake

Today was one of those busy days that I should've spent on the computer, but instead there I was at Sweet Bella at the Fort, having hamburgers (incredibly delicious), salpicao with steak rice (amazingly good) and lots of wonderful cakes including strawberry shortcake (to die for) and salted caramel macarons. And the best hot chocolate in the world -- better than Angelina's in Paris, as far as I'm concerned.

I had lunch with the three Llamas brothers (Glenn, Winston and William), who are responsible for bringing in some of the biggest musical acts to Manila. They brought in Kylie Minogue and Janet Jackson, among many others.


"How about bringing Madonna in?" I asked them.

They replied: "We thought about it. But she needs a private plane."

"So who's been the nicest of your big-name performers so far?" I then asked them.

Without hesitation, they answered: "Kylie Minouge was very nice."


The Llamas brothers are kind of like my partners in crime, as we are both creating Christmas trees for the lobby of the Dusit Thani Manila and set up is taking place this weekend. It's all friendly competition and we teased each other about having the best Christmas tree and taking sneak peeks at each other's ideas. I'm sure it will be a lot of fun over the weekend as we all take part in putting up lights, wrapping presents and basically creating a Christmas atmosphere.


And of course the fun part today was the eating, as we had everything good possible at Sweet Bella. Before we knew it, it was close to 4 PM and certainly time to get back to work. I was getting into my car when my Blackberry pinged. It was my critical J. He wrote: "Paraphernalia? Do you even know what that means?" Obviously, he'd had condescension for lunch while I'd had salpicao and strawberry shortcake. But he always attaches a smiley face after these messages so I always forgive him.

Yes, we start lots of our conversations with just a word or two out of nowhere. But somehow we manage to understand each other perfectly -- or at least almost perfectly -- but I'm sure everyone else would be confused as to what we were talking about.

So I knew instantly what he meant. I'd written last night about how I'd seen his vehicle with all its paraphernalia somewhere in this city yesterday. The explanation was pretty simple. I answered: "I had to use the word "paraphernalia." If I'd used a more accurate word, your friends would have recognized you in my blog in a flash."

More later after another cocktail party and another dinner in a never-endingly eventful Travelife.

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