Monday, November 28, 2011

75 families for the Philippine Yearbook

3 Generations of Aquinos:
PNOY with Jiggy and Ninoy.

Tonight I headed across town to the Diamond Hotel to attend the launch party for the 75th Philippine Yearbook, a project of Grace Glory Go of the Philippine Star and her son Vernon, who also brings in major foreign performers and produces big name shows in Manila.

We were very honored to be one of the 75 families chosen for this very special 75th yearbook that chronicles in a fun and ever so happy way the lives and laughter of 75 families over three generations. Photographer Tom Epperson styled and shot every single photograph, and the photos turned out absolutely amazing.

Fortune Ledesma and son RJ

Tom asked many of the families to do pretty crazy things; but most were game and the results are simply beautiful. Each photo is a work of art and so interesting to look at; although I have to admit that my favorite out of all the 75 photos is not my own (I was photographed in a long gown, at the edge of a roller coaster in Star City!) but that of Fortune Ledesma, honorary consul of Monaco, with her son RJ and granddaughter Baby Fortune. They were shot in their pajamas against a beautiful black and white background, and they all look like they're having so much fun.

3 generations of Rufinos

I also liked the photo of the Laurel family in a living room with an elephant, as well as that of Johnny Litton by the pool of Club Filipino. The photo of Filipino rocker RJ Jacinto with his daughter is also priceless.

RJ Jacinto and daughter

The photographs were so beautiful and inspiring that the book sold out tonight. I tried to get my own copy but I was too late, so I simply placed an order and it's supposed to be delivered sometime in December. Everyone wanted a copy tonight.


It's also a tribute to the personal charm and niceness of Gracie that the whole world as we know it in Manila trooped to Diamond Hotel tonight to celebrate with her. All the top people of various industries were present and the atmosphere was so festive that it seemed like a reunion and a Christmas party rolled into one. I couldn't walk two steps without saying hello to someone.

And, this being Manila, and Christmas, I'm so sure that I'll probably see many of them several times over this week, including tomorrow, Thursday and Saturday when there are very big events lined up. Thank goodness my Wednesday night is free, though, as this is the night for the 3rd of my neighborhood open house cocktail parties -- and this is one of the houses I really wanted to go to, so I am really looking forward to our new neighborhood Christmas tradition.

Just another night in our never-ending, and never-endingly eventful Travelife. I hope you enjoy some of the photos from the Philippine Yearbook that I took with my Blackberry!

Partial photo of the Munji and Laurel families

Crickette Yu and her mother


Travelife Magazine's
Oct-Nov 2011 Issue


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