Sunday, October 30, 2011

Music and me in Langkawi

Good evening from the Datai, one of the most beautiful and relaxing places on earth, at one end of the lovely island of Langkawi in Malaysia. It's a luxurious and very environment-friendly resort within a rainforest, and yet with a white sand beach and an amazing bay view. I finished my official schedules regarding the personal invitation of the Honorable Minister of Tourism of Malaysia so now I'm on some R&R in this fantastic place favored by celebrities, business tycoons and ultra-stressed people for its low-key luxury and complete discretion. This is real privacy with all the pampering.

If someone in Manila were to ask me to describe the Datai in more detail, I would say that it's a mix of the exclusivity and atmosphere of Amanpulo, with the stunning natural scenery of El Nido, and the intimacy with nature of The Farm at San Benito and also the relaxing Oriental design and quality of service of Chiva-Som. So it's everything I want and every place I like all in one. Now if only I could find some way to live here...


I'm staying in a beautiful and large villa where monkeys come up to the balcony in the mornings for a bit of fun, and it has the kind of bathroom I could actually spend hours in. Best of all, my villa comes equipped with two iPods -- one large one for the stereo and one small one for walking around with -- and it has thousands of songs already inputted.

How very apt as I've been bereft of my iTunes for the past few days -- so I've been playing the same songs over and over again in Malaysia -- since my friend J gave me a Word file that was about 350MB in size. Do you know anyone who actually sends Microsoft Word files this large? I had to delete half of my iTunes just to open his document. I may have been able to open it without a problem, but I just couldn't risk a fourth Mac crash in 12 months.

And when I told him about it the other day, his response was: "There are more important things than iTunes." Then he added a smiley face at the end. Like what could be more important than music in life?


So all afternoon, in between massages, I've been walking the beach and the wooden bridges that lead to nowhere within a massive rainforest, listening to songs I haven't heard in ages and also discovering a couple of new ones. I had a wonderful catch-up dinner tonight with my friend Anthony Sebastian who runs the world-class and world-famous Datai, by the way; but more about that when I find myself stuck in some airline lounge pretty soon. It seems a crime to be on my computer in such a beautiful place when I could be on the beach with my newly-filled iPod.

But here's what's on my Datai playlist today. Some of these songs really got me sentimental tonight:

Letting Love Go
by Everything but the Girl

Love x Love
by George Benson

Two Star
by Everything but the Girl

by Everything but the Girl

I Gotta Try
by Michael McDonald

You Get What You Give
by The New Radicals

If I Ever Lose My Faith in You
by Sting

Someday We'll Know
by The New Radicals

Tracks of My Tears
by Michael McDonald

by Earth Wind & Fire

Just another day in our never-ending, and never-endingly eventful Travelife. Good night from paradise.

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