Tuesday, October 25, 2011

More photos from an amazing party last Friday

AIESEC Alumni with Gary V on Friday night

Wow. So there I was in Cebu, having a pretty nice time in some beach resort; and when I opened my Mac for the morning, there were about a million photo tags for me at AIESEC: One More Time, the great party AIESEC Philippines and Travelife Magazine organized last Friday at the Peninsula Conservatory.


And when I went to look at our AAAPC war room site -- which is the members-only online discussion thread for the organizing committee -- there was an equally large volume of posts in the middle of the morning. Looks like no one was working and everyone still had an AIESEC hangover. Posting photos, tagging people, commenting on all kinds of stuff. I wish I could have sat there reading everything all morning, but I had a plane back to Manila to catch.

The AIESEC Alumni AAAPC 2011 Organizing Committee

That's what usually happens, by the way, after an AIESEC event. You get so riled up that it's hard to wind down. I especially liked someone's comments and the answers that came after that. She posted: "I want to quit my corporate job now and join you guys in trying to change the world." Yes, AIESEC members are idealists who generally believe in world peace, the common good, win-win solutions, and trying to understand people more and bridging the gap of differences.


Most of the organizing committee are just getting the hangover now because they'd worked all weekend. I was among the lazier ones, in that sense. I helped organize the Friday party, danced all night, woke up late for a long brunch at Escolta, checked out pretty late of the Peninsula, and then made it just in time for dinner for Day 2 of the AIESEC Alumni weekend. And then the following day, Sunday, I skipped town and headed for a very nice resort in Cebu to chill even further, ending my weekend with some really good friends over pizza, roast chicken and red wine at abaca. The weather was fine and it was the perfect evening for an al fresco dinner. So my AIESEC hangover was sometime on Sunday.


And this morning, just as I was checking out and heading to Cebu's airport to catch my 11:10 AM PAL flight (45 minutes or so before departure as usual), I met some guys from school who I'd traveled with recently. They were just checking in, just as I was rushing into my car, and I would have loved to have stayed on and hung around with them for an extra day.

But Manila beckoned, including the need to renew my passport -- it's still valid for another two years, but I've run out of pages -- and a promise to the Austrian ambassador to attend the Austrian National Day celebrations tonight. And then tomorrow it's a full day of work before flying out to Malaysia for a long and eventful weekend. I've got four suitcases lined up in my bedroom for four different trips that I'm simultaneously packing and unpacking for.

And Malaysia -- what do you pack for a trip to meet the Queen? Fortunately, I have all kinds of long dresses so many of them are going to go to good use this weekend.


So anyway, it's been really fun to read all the comments and posts about the AIESEC alumni weekend, and there have been some really great photos as well. We're posting a few more here from FB albums of AIESEC alumni.

The AIESEC girls on the organizing committee.
Different schools, different generations, same objective.

Dinner with old friends, reminiscing over old times

Going ga-ga over Gary V

More excitement!

Even the guys seem excited over Gary V

Everyone's having fun

The AIESEC party last Friday went beyond
schools, ages and nationalities

Gary V gave a thrilling performance last Friday

Tony A having fun

Gary V and 8 Track in action

Travelife Magazine's
Oct-Nov 2011 Issue


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