Monday, October 17, 2011

All the elements for a great 80s party

Today was both Joseph Pangilinan's and my birthday. And yet there we were this afternoon, sitting in the lobby of the Peninsula Manila for a meeting regarding our upcoming AIESEC: ONE MORE TIME event this Friday, October 21, at the Peninsula Conservatory. Interestingly, we were both in-between meetings as well and about as stressed as one might expect from people with events coming up in a few days.

It was my third meeting for the afternoon, and then I had two more to go and a work dinner as well, before calling it a day.

Lots of people in Manila are surprised that I don't celebrate my birthday more. But to me, everyday is wonderful and I wake up each morning extremely glad to be alive and to be living the life I want. So why will today be any different? Besides, I'd already had a sort of birthday dinner with 16 good friends last weekend and dinners with other good friends every night this past weekend, so those were my celebrations, as far as I was concerned. Thank you to everyone who remembered.

So it was a busy workday like most other days, although I have to admit that I was very touched by the fantastic chocolate cake given by my staff this morning, a nice lunch prepared by a busy friend, and a couple of bouquets of flowers and orchids sent to my home. How nice it is to receive flowers so unexpectedly!


But for someone who just officially got a year older today, it was a nice way to spend one part of my birthday: doing the final plans for an event to turn back the clock and party like it was college one more time. How very fitting, and what an event we all have created indeed, with lots of help from so many people.

If you're at all related to AIESEC in any way (active member, inactive member, member of an AIESEC LC in another part of the world, trainee, former sponsor, AIESEC member by association, or even ex-boyfriend of an AIESECer, etc) and you're looking for a really great way to spend this Friday evening, join us for an evening of fun, laughter and wonderful music at AIESEC: One More Time.


Tickets cost P1499 and this covers dinner, drinks and a really great show. It's a steal, we know, but it's all in the spirit of AIESEC. Especially as we've been very fortunate to get great sponsors. Scroll down to see the many generous companies and individuals involved in this once-in-a-blue-moon AIESEC Alumni event.
What's going to happen on Friday night? Well, doors open at 6 PM and registration begins. Basically, this is the time to pay for your tickets. If you do plan to go, make sure you reserve a seat with Bernice at Travelife Magazine (8138400/ 8922620/ You can pay at the venue but please note that for confirmed reservations, we will require payment even if you don't show up.


From 6 pm onwards, DJ Cocoy Puyat will be spinning some great 80s music until it's time for the show to begin. The show itself will be emceed by Peter Laud, with opening remarks by Joseph Pangilinan, AIESEC Alumni Asia Pacific Conference 2011 Chairman. Then we have a stellar cast of performers including the Harana Boys of UP (someone told me many of them used to be the "crush ng bayan" in their heydays...can someone reconfirm this? Haha.), the great Gary Valenciano and my favorite 8 Track Band. I guarantee you won't get better 80s music than this, so come and join us for some memory-tripping this Friday.


The Peninsula Manila has also gone all out and provided a wonderful dinner for the AIESEC event. We were going over the menu this afternoon that Peninsula's Stephanie Chong and AIESEC Alumni and major foodie Cyrene de la Rosa put together, and it was pretty impressive. Then Joseph Pangilinan and Dondi Alikpala have donated cases of wine, together with wine distributor Fly Ace, who is providing some great Chilean wine to add to the liquid festivities.

The program and all its technicalities are being handled by Genesis Productions and GV Entertainment, the best outfits in the business. So you can't get any better than these as far as an 80s show is concerned.


And what was the 80s all about? Well, I went to Ateneo and I remember that we had really fun parties almost every week from Wednesday to Saturday night. If my memory serves me well, the party week was almost every single week, and it began at Faces on Wednesday and then somewhere else on Thursday; then there was usually a school party or an AIESEC party on a Friday and a Saturday. The rest of the time, we studied pretty hard -- hard enough to make Dean's List -- and worked even harder for all the projects, seminars and conferences of AIESEC here in the Philippines and all over the world.

I still remember staying out partying till about 1130 pm (I still had a curfew then!) and then waking up at about 430 AM to study and prepare for quizzes and homework as I always signed up for the 730 AM classes everyday and arranged my schedule so that I had no breaks in between and could be through with school -- and free for AIESEC work -- from about mid-afternoon.

And throughout these four years of working hard and partying even harder, 80s music was the backdrop for an incredibly enjoyable period of our lives. And this is what we're re-living one more time.

Join us for an evening you won't forget.


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