Sunday, September 25, 2011

Travel & Music

Tonight I started thinking about old and favorite songs because I've been brainstorming in my head all day about the upcoming AIESEC Alumni Asia Pacific Congress 2011 Opening Night & AIESEC Alumni Reunion party on October 21 at the Peninsula Manila. So much of my college life and memories of it is tied to music, and in this case, all the more so, since so many performing talents in the Philippines are part of the AIESEC Hall of Fame.

So in my head, songs from the 80s have been playing, as I've been trying to imagine how a reunion should be. That's still in the works, but in the meantime I thought I'd share with you some favorite songs that traveled with me all over the world this year alone.

I can't live without music and so music is always playing in my car or on my iPod. At work, I also pump up the volume at lunchtime or after 5 pm. As for these songs I'm about to share with you, well, there was no particular coordination or arrangement in matching certain music with certain trips. But it just so happened that I heard a song and liked it either before or during the trip, and so these songs ended up accompanying me on my travels. Now, when I hear these songs, memories of my trips come back to me as if they were last week. Thank goodness for my iPod.

March 2011
"Do It For Love"
Hall & Oates
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When I hear this song, I'm instantly transported to my suite on the Silver Spirit of the Silversea cruise line, one of the best small luxury cruise ships in the world. I took this boat from Bali to Manila via Sandakan, Malaysia over a period of six days in March; and I often played this while having breakfast or a glass of champagne on my balcony, with my laptop set up, as we sailed across nothing else but a blue sea. Whenever I sat in my balcony, I'd set the iPod speakers in my direction, open the sliding door and just chill.

I also played this everyday on my iPod as I walked the decks every sunset for a bit of exercise before the never-ending fancy dinners. The great music and the peaceful setting was just what I needed after the trauma of the Tokyo earthquake.

BATANGAS, March 2011
"Sweet Reunion"
Kenny Loggins
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This was the song I was listening to when I went to The Farm at San Benito in Lipa, and also to Punta Fuego in March. It was on my iPod for the longest time but I only discovered it among the thousands of songs on this particular trip to Batangas.

April 2011
"It's Over"
Level 42
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Hearing this song always brings back the golden beaches of Colombo last April, and particularly the private beach of the historic Mount Lavinia Hotel at sunset with the waves crashing all around. I walked the entire stretch of the beach with this song playing over and over, after all the work for the week was finally through; and then I joined my friends for a really wonderful al fresco dinner on the terrace of the hotel.

April 2011
"Crazy for this Girl"
Evan & Jaron
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This was my driving song as we crisscrossed Sri Lanka from one end to another on some incredibly long driving trips. It was a pretty arduous driving expedition, especially for someone who doesn't like long drives, but it turned out to be incredibly fun. All the guys had their own iPods and I had mine. And when we weren't joking around in the van, we each took a row of the van to ourselves and retreated into our own worlds and to our own music.

DUBAI, July 2011
"Heart of the Matter"
India Arie
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I took this song with me to Dubai, and it was perfect zoning out music as we rode a 4WD and headed out to the desert for an afternoon of battling the sand dunes. This song also accompanied me on my shopping trips to the Dubai Mall, and on a dhow cruise along the Dubai Creek.

PALAWAN, July 2011
"Land of the Loving"
Diane Reeves & David Benoit
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This was my Palawan song. I'd flown to Palawan last July for the opening of the Sheridan Hotel on Sabang beach, and late at night, I'd sat on the beach with this playing on my iPod. I particularly liked the lyrics at that particular time, and I must've played this song a hundred times in Palawan.

MALAYSIA, August 2011
South Border
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I played this song throughout my trip to Malaysia, and thank goodness most of my team liked it as well because this time I played it on my laptop instead of my iPod; and everyone else had to listen to it as well in the van. This was playing on the way to Malacca from Kuala Lumpur in one of the two Travelife vans; but actually, it was playing on my iPod and in my hotel room throughout the 10 days we were in Malaysia.

And what am I listening to exactly now?

"If I Didn't Have Love"
Chris Camozzi featuring Chelsea
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