Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Thank you for a great team and a delicious chocolate cake

Today was a really stressful day, but thank goodness for the best team in the world and also the best friends in the world. Tonight we finally finished the video presentation for Travelife Italy Night and it was a real labor of love from the Travelife team that simply does not settle for second-best. We worked nonstop on this video for 48 hours and the results -- for those who are joining us for Travelife Italy Night with Margarita Fores in a few hours -- are designed to shock and awe.

Thank you to my wonderful Travelife team and their incredible teamwork -- and also to some people who don't even work for Travelife but who practically are part of our family. Timothy Tanos, for example, works with us for our Travelife TV projects; and he wasn't even assigned to the Travelife Italy Night video project. But he stepped in to help on Monday and I don't think he's slept much since then. We at Travelife can't thank him enough for working as if he was part of our family.

Thank you too to our wonderful creative director Bryan Arevalo, who never fails to step up to the plate and provide his expertise beyond the call of duty. The setting up of the infrastructure for Travelife Italy Night began last night at midnight but the main bulk is being brought in by our contractors at 12:01 am this morning. That's in a few hours. And Bryan, who has been putting in incredibly long hours for a video he was never even supposed to work on, has volunteered to supervise everything at 2 AM this morning.

All the other members of our team are equally hardworking and ready to do more than they are supposed to. I really don't know how I got so lucky with having great people now working for Travelife Magazine and Travelife TV.


I've also been really fortunate in friends. Sandee M, Marivic L, and Luigi B, all long-time friends who have seen Travelife from inception (Marivic and Luigi are directors of Travelife, and Sandee's husband is also a director), were also instrumental in helping to invite some very key people. Sandee especially has helped me follow up invitations, and tomorrow we really have a stellar list of guests joining us. I don't think many events will ever be so lucky.

Tonight, just as I was wrangling over the last-minute changes to the seating plan, Sandee texted with a few magical words: "Chocolate cake and a glass of red wine at XO to take the edge off?"
It was just what I needed. So as soon as I finished work, and before I went onwards to the video studio to inspect the finished video masterpiece, I dropped by Sandee's restaurant, XO 46 in Salcedo Village, for a quick and very delicious meal. Sandee knew I was stressed -- labors of love are called exactly that because they take up so much much effort -- so she went ahead and ordered me a sopa de mariscos and my favorites: spicy longganisa, chicken with garlic and garlic rice.

To finish, we had the chocolate cake -- a decadent and very solidly firm chocolate cake all the way from Pampanga -- and a most luscious mango yoghurt which I could not get enough of. And over wonderful food, we laughed about all kinds of things I can't write about. She was right. It was just what I needed to take the edge off.

Then I was off to the video station to work with Trixie and a bunch of incredibly talented programmers. I think we finished close to midnight -- or at least that's what time I went home to get some sleep -- but the guys are doing an all-nighter again to get Travelife Italy Night amazing.

So Travelife Italy Night is in a few hours and it's a truly special event. This is not just a food event, it's an experience. And it's the product of real labor and a great desire to share a culture and an experience of travel with as many people as possible. We've done some pretty amazing events in the name of travel, culture and the good life; but this is the most amazing one we have ever done so far. It's our fourth-year anniversary after all.

Do join us for an evening that I assure you will be unlike any other. Simply because Travelife Magazine , the Philippines' leading travel & lifestyle publication, never does ordinary. And that's why we're the best.

Join us in Italy TONIGHT.
Travelife Italy Night
with Margarita Fores

with Margarita Fores
and the Embassy of Italy & Bacchus Epicerie
Tonight, September 8, at Whitespace

Please call TRAVELIFE at 8138400/ 8922620
to reserve a limited seat
For reservations and information, please contact:
Bernice or Rachel at TRAVELIFE
813-8400/ 892-2620


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