Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Stormy start to an ayurveda detox

Today it was storming outside but the Arogya Aurveda Center in Makati -- the Philippines' most authentic ayurvedic center -- was open for business and I was supposed to start the first day of my eight-day ayurvedic detox program. So I braved the ferocious winds and a couple of falling trees to drive over from my pretty comfy part of town to Arogya for Day 1 of my panchakarma (ayurveda detox).

I do the panchakarma at least once a year and twice a year if I can manage it. The trick here is to find a block of time when I am actually in Manila and not traveling. That's very rare, indeed, as my Travelife usually involves a plane ride every week or at least every 10 days. But for some reason, I'm here for an unusually long time -- which is really a fluke as I'm supposed to be in Taiwan today and in Bohol over the weekend, but both trips have been moved down the calendar.


The panchakarma at Arogya can be done for six days straight or longer. Last year, I did twelve days and felt completely rejuvenated after that. In fact, after 12 days, I didn't want the program to end; and I was told that this feeling is pretty common. This year, I've set aside eight days, although I'm still hoping to do at least ten days if I can find the time. Obviously, the longer you do the program, the better it will be for your overall condition.

During the panchakarma period, you undergo all kinds of treatments including a regular abhyanga, which is a full body massage by two therapists using large quantities of herbal-infused sesame oils; the takradhara, which involves pouring medicated buttermilk onto the forehead for about 20 minutes; and the udvartan, which is a deep and dry massage using herbal powder on the body.

For very busy and pretty stressed people like myself, the panchakarma is a great treatment for health and rejuvenation. Ayurveda itself is the oldest known system of medicine which has been preserved in India, and treatments are conducted using a large variety of traditional ayurvedic oils which have long been recognized for their efficiency.

Ayurvedic oils are reportedly powerful in terms of their anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, and these oils are quickly absorbed by the body. The oil molecules attract oil-soluble toxins and carry them out into the blood stream and then out into the body as waste.

- Balances the body, mind and spirit
- Makes the body healthier by preventing recurrence of disease
- Reverses biological age
- Improves metabolism
- Provides luster to the skin


- Enhancement of digestion and metabolism
- Clearing up of mind and complexion
- Rejuvenating the body and gaining strength
- Increases immunity and prevents diseases
- Revitalizes the nervous system
- Lowers diastolic blood pressure
- Reduces free radicals
- Reduces bad cholesterol
- Lowers toxic lipid peroxide levels
- Decreases rate of platelet clumping & lymphatic congestion
- Helps the body get rid of toxins

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