Thursday, September 29, 2011

Spain, as seen through films

Travelife Magazine is the only magazine partner of the 10th PELICULA Spanish Film Festival, the grandest Spanish film festival in Asia, and the biggest and best showcase so far of Spanish movies in the Philippines. Organized by the Instituto Cervantes de Manila, the film festival will showcase over 20 award-winning films carefully selected from Spain and Latin America; and full of enticing tales of humor, enchantment and romance.

PELICULA is the must-see event for Spanish films in the Philippines, as it introduces to the Philippine audience some of the best Spanish and Latin American filmmakers.

"Pelicula brings together the works of some of the most innovative and engaging artists from the Hispanic community for the local audience of film lovers, journalists, and film industry representatives," said Instituto Cervantes director Eduardo Calvo.


The films in the festival include a 2011 release called Primos (Cousins), which is a story about three cousins who travel together to the village where they spent summer vacation as children.


A 2009 movie about the friendship between a university graduate afflicted with Down's Syndrome who falls in love on his first day at work and a young girl who frequents clubs and singles bars every evening to escape her loneliness.


Meanwhile, the movie Biutiful, starring Javier Bardem, is a Cannes Film Festival entry that's bound to generate a lot of buzz. It's the story about a man who is able to see his death in advance, and this serves as a guide to how he lives his life.


Fuera de Carta is a comedy by Nacho Vellila. It's a 2008 release about a famous Spanish chef who owns a popular restaurant in Madrid's gay district, who thinks his life is perfect until his children re-enter his life and turn it upside down.

Schedule for
10th Spanish Film Festival
October 5-16, 2011
Greenbelt 3, Cinema 1
Tickets are PhP65 each

Wednesday, Oct 5
Fuera de Carta (430 pm)
La verguenza (7 pm)
Primos (930 pm)

Thursday, Oct 6
La zona (430 pm)
Biutiful (7 pm)
Morirse esta en hebreo (9 pm)

Friday, Oct 7
La verguenza (430 pm)
Yo También (7 pm)
También la lluvia (930 pm)
Didi Hollywood (12 mn)

Saturday, Oct 8
El secreto de sus ojos (2 pm)
Mal dia para pescar (430 pm)
Elsa y Fred (7 pm)
Lope (930 pm)
Habitacion en Roma (12 mn)

Sunday, Oct 9
Mar adentro (2 pm)
Buried (430 pm)
También la lluvia (7 pm)
El Gran Vazquez (930 pm)

Monday, Oct 10
Mil cretinos (430 pm)
Todos las canciones hablan de mi (7 pm)
Buenas Noches, Espana (930 pm)

Tuesday, Oct 11
La vida secreta de las palabras (430 pm)
Gordos (7 pm)
Primos (930 pm)

Wednesday, Oct 12
En la ciudad sin limites (430 pm)
Amador (7 pm)
Buried (930 pm)

Thursday, Oct 13
El gran Vazquez (430 pm)
Viridiana (7 pm)
Yo, También (930 pm)

Friday, Oct 14
El secreto de sus ojos (430 pm)
Chico y Rita (7 pm)
Primos (930 pm)
Habitacion en Roma (12 mn)

Saturday, Oct 15
Fuera de carta (2 pm)
Gordos (430 pm)
Biutiful (7 pm)
Mar adentro (930 pm)
Didi Hollywood (12 mn)

Sunday, Oct 16
Fuera de carta (2 pm)
Gordos (430 pm)
Chico y Rita (7 pm)
Audience Choice (930 pm)


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