Friday, November 4, 2011

My (updated) bucket list for living

Good evening from a very peaceful place, with crickets chirping outside and a very dark sky that enables you to actually see and appreciate the stars. I just had a much-needed massage by the infinity pool, and then afterwards, instead of returning to my villa, I sat for a really long time on a lounge chair thinking about a lot of things, with the song "I Don't Want To Miss a Thing" playing on my iPod. Yes, that's my song for this week.

I think I'm one of these people who love life with a passion -- there's not one morning that I don't wake up grateful to be living the kind of life I want. Well, actually, there was one morning that wasn't so not too long ago; but I can assure you that such grey days are pretty few and far between.

Still, I thought there's so much more I can add to my bucket list. And I don't mean my bucket list of travel, which is perpetually full no matter how many places I go to, but my bucket list for living. In between projects, I had tonight, in the most peaceful place in the world, to think about my life and the things that matter in it.

And here are my additions to my bucket list for living:

- Go to a new place every month. It keeps the mind stimulated.

- Dance more often. It's so much fun.

- Have more dinners with people I really like. And with people who talk about ideas, hopes and dreams, rather than about other people.

- Spend a quiet weekend in the country whenever I can.

- Simplify my life. Consume less.

- Dress differently from everyone else. Have fewer little black dresses.

- Have more music and laughter in my life.

- Support talented up-and-coming artists. Make more space on my walls for their works.

- Have more massages. As many as reasonably possible.

- Sit back and watch more sunsets. And drink more champagne while watching it.

- Only associate with positive people. Have no time for people who spend their lives complaining.

- Always deal with others in a win-win way. I strongly believe in the law of karma.

- Enjoy the company of people who are in your life for a season or a reason. Not everyone needs to be in your life forever. That's reserved for the very few lucky ones. (Haha. When I first wrote this on my blog, someone actually asked me: "So which one am I? The one for a season or for a reason?")

- Be more involved in associations I'm a member of. I did join them for a reason, after all.

- Host a party with really good 80s music in the near future. (Done! AIESEC Alumni Party at the Peninsula Conservatory last October 21.)
- Cook more dinners for friends at home.

- Inspire more people to travel and to discover the world.

- Never take good fortune for granted. Not everyone is so lucky.

- Always remember to thank people. It's so easy to forget to do so when you get busy.

- Don't worry if competitors are trying to copy you. It just means you were on to something good

- Forgive more people. Just assume they didn't mean it. And if they did, well, there's always the law of karma at work.

- Watch more movies, go to more concerts, see more exhibits. Basically go to any activity that will offer mental growth.

- Always put heart and soul into an endeavor. Or else don't do it at all.

- Live well, but not outrageously so.

- Dream big. Dream the biggest you can manage. And work towards that goal.

- Live the life you really want. No excuses. No delays. You only have one shot at it, after all.

I'm sure I'll be adding more things later. In the meantime, good night from paradise.

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