Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sri Lanka's superstar at Travelife Sri Lanka Night

Tomorrow night I was planning to actually get home earlier than usual to rest as Travelife Magazine is heavily involved in the activities for the visit to Manila of the Deputy Foreign Minister of Sri Lanka; and in connection with this, we have planned a fantastic Travelife Sri Lanka Night as a public service event in cooperation with real estate firm Picar Development Inc.

Now this free event will feature Deepika Priyadarshani, Sri Lanka's top songstress and most highly-awarded singer, who just won another two top musical awards this month for best female vocalist and best album in Sri Lanka. She'll be singing several beautiful traditional Sri Lankan songs, and this will be followed by a 10-person dance troupe that will showcase some of Sri Lanka's best dances.

Deepika became an overnight sensation and a household name 25 years ago with the hit song "Aaju Thapara Lahi La," which every single Sri Lankan knows and loves. This is the song that made her famous and she has had a stellar career ever since. Of course, a star of her stature is extremely difficult to get for a performance, but with the help of the Ambassador of Sri Lankan, Deepika has agreed to perform for Travelife Sri Lanka Night on September 24.

It's not easy for anyone to get a taste of Sri Lankan culture -- particularly Sri Lankan culture of this caliber -- so if you are at all curious or interested in learning more about the beautiful culture of this island nation, then please join us for Travelife Sri Lanka Night. It's a public service event and everyone is invited, but you'll have to secure complimentary e-tickets from Bernice at Travelife Magazine in advance. However that's just as easy as calling or emailing:

Tel 8138400/ 8922620

Now a couple of people are wondering why it's called Travelife Sri Lanka Night when the event actually starts at 4 PM. Actually, we'd initially planned it for the evening, but we decided to make it earlier so more children can go. At our last public service event, Travelife India Night, we had so many schoolchildren attending and I noticed that the show ended past their dinner time. So we decided to make it earlier this time.


But at the same time, we've had all these very successful Travelife Nights by now -- Travelife India Night Gala Dinners, and just last week our record-breaking Travelife Italy Night with Margarita Fores -- so I didn't want to break the Travelife Nights tradition.

So it'll start at 4 PM but it'll end by early evening, so we hope you'll overlook the slight inaccuracy here and allow us to call this Travelife Sri Lanka Night. These Travelife Nights are great and they're a hard habit to break. We actually have lots of people who've attended all our Travelife Nights -- and we're really happy about this.

And tomorrow I was planning to get some shut-eye early enough as I'm emceeing the round of exhibit openings and cultural dinners planned for the Sri Lankan Vice Foreign Minister all over Manila -- so I'm going to be in a saree four days in a row. But just today the Sri Lankan Ambassador invited me to have dinner with him and the great songstress Deepika tomorrow night -- so how could I say no to such an opportunity for a one on one before all the busy events start?

Deepika, by the way, is performing publicly only at Travelife Sri Lanka Night this Saturday. I hope you can join us!

* * *

Absolutely free, open to the public

Travelife Sri Lanka Night on Saturday, Sep 24, will be free and open to the public, but you will need prior reservations as there's limited seating. However, this will be the first and perhaps only event promoting beautiful Sri Lankan culture to the general public in the far-off future, so I hope many of you will take advantage of this free event courtesy of Travelife Magazine and Picar Development Inc. and join us.

To reserve, please call Bernice at Travelife Magazine: 8138400/ 8922620. Or email travelife@travelife.biz.


1) Contact Bernice at Travelife Magazine with your name, contact details and number of persons you wish to bring.
Tel. 8138400/ 8922620
Email travelife@travelife.biz

2) "Like" the Travelife Magazine Facebook Fan Page at:

3) Invite at least five friends to become friends of Travelife Magazine's Facebook Fan Page.

4) Get your complimentary e-tickets via email. These should be printed out and presented at the venue upon arrival at 4 PM of September 24.

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