Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The world is our playground

Our wonderful August-September 2011 issue -- Travelife's fourth-year anniversary issue -- is coming out on August 15 and it's a whopper of a travel publication. "We've certainly got an encyclopedia," said Gel, our director of business development, as we recently surveyed our pagination board. It's true. It's a wonderful issue. But then again, every issue of Travelife Magazine is really very nice because we truly put so much of our heart and soul into producing the Philippines' finest travel publication.

This means that our current June-July issue will still be on the newsstands for another 12 days or so. Don't miss this issue as it's really a wonderful issue with Turkey on the cover and a very balanced assortment of the world inside.

Our managing editor, Carlo, describes this issue much better than I do -- so I'm going to lift a few words from his managing editor's note.


At Travelife, we live like modern-day nomads searching the world for the most compelling travel stories. It's both an instinct and a passion. By the time we’re home from a trip, there’s only one thing on our minds: where to for our next destination. Yes, we have ticklish feet, and that works to our advantage. No one covers the world like we do.



Our recent travels have brought us to destinations with seemingly endless summers and winters. Travelife domestic editor-at-large Gabby Malvar actually takes time out from his endless Philippine adventures to write about another destination across the Pacific. Yes, he was Once on the Islands of Fiji, where he enjoyed his own company on uninhabited islands. Then, he was back to the Philippines where he then crossed the rough waters of the Babuyan Channel towards Palaui Island, where he found Light at the Edge of the Road. Read about his amazing adventures in the June-July 2011 issue of Travelife, still on sale everywhere now.


In Travelife's June-July issue, we’re also featuring two extremely opposite destinations. Adventure traveler Kendrick Khoe traveled to Antarctica, The Last Frontier, where he witnessed wildlife in the world’s most peaceful continent and captured life in the world's most remote frontier through beautiful photos.

And up in the Arctic Circle, Lori Taus and her boyfriend Markus Hörl drove 4,500 kilometers over two weeks navigating Iceland 360. Many people get to Iceland's capital because this is just a plane ride away from many European cities; but Lori drove through this enigmatic country and she wrote about her experience for Travelife. Read about their amazing adventures in the June-July 2011 issue of Travelife, still on sale everywhere now.


Our feet also brought us to the Pure Wonder that is Cappadocia, Turkey where the Travelife team unearthed ancient underground cities, visited fairy chimneys, and viewed the region’s grandeur from a hot-air balloon. This is also where we shot our cover story, and I still remember very vividly the enjoyable day we had trying to catch the sun in the right places and make our model smile. She was so used to fashion shoots, you see; and the typical fashion shoot involves an unsmiling model trying to look cool in great clothes. But we needed her to look like she was having fun -- especially as she really was having fun anyway. That was the biggest challenge of the day.

Meanwhile, contributing editor Miko Liwanag flew off to China for Travelife and came face-to-face with Xi’an’s mysterious terracotta army in An Ancient Strategy Pays off while writer Kara Santos proved that heritage rules in Hyderabad, A Gem of a City. Read about these off-the-beaten track places in the June-July 2011 issue of Travelife, still on sale everywhere now.


We also return to two of our favorite cities. Travelife contributing editor Jerome Velasco flew to New York a few months back and fitted a couple of really great dining destinations in his usy schedule. He takes Pleasure in Diversity by dining at three of the Big Apple’s best restaurants. Meanwhile Peninsula New York general manager Jonathan Crook, recently uprooted from the Peninsula Manila, gives us his recommendations for New York's Top 8 things to do in the Big Apple. Read about Jerome's and Jonathan's recommendations for New York in the June-July 2011 issue of Travelife, still on sale everywhere now.


Global editor-at-large Rafe Totengco explains his fascination for the City of Lights in J’adore Paris, a city that fascinates us eternally as well. We love Paris for its fantastic history and also for its ever-changing moods and facets. Rafe shows us what he likes about it as well, and writes about some of his favorite places in this most romantic city on earth. Read about his Paris sojourn in the June-July 2011 issue of Travelife, still on sale everywhere now.

We hope you get your copy of this wonderful issue before it leaves the shelves to make way for Travelife's August-September issue!

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