Tuesday, August 2, 2011

This made me hungry!

Today I had lunch at the residence of the Sri Lankan Ambassador in Dasmarinas Village, as we'd met to discuss the upcoming Sri Lanka Night that Travelife Magazine is helping to organize. It's always a treat to eat here as he has a very good personal chef from Colombo who makes all the Sri Lankan goodies with just the right amount of spiciness; and of course, these are virtually impossible for non-Sri Lankans to enjoy in Manila as there is no Sri Lankan restaurant in Manila.

We sat down at his dining table to a big platter of rice in the middle surrounded by all sorts of curries and fiery dishes made of vegetables. Everything was very good, but I concentrated on a dal curry. I just love dal curry as it's very healthy. In Sri Lanka last April, I ate it practically everyday for breakfast, lunch and dinner -- and the TV guys I was with teased me no end about this. Yes, this was my never-ending love for dal curry.


Then, when I returned to my office, there was a nice surprise waiting for me from Ines Cabarrus & Elian Habayeb: Manila's Best Kept Restaurant Secrets, a beautiful coffeetable book on the best restaurants -- and a lot of best-kept secret restaurants -- in Manila. Ines and Elian are two foodies who are pretty well-known in the local food circuit.

I haven't had the pleasure of actually sitting down and having a long conversation with either of them, but I often see them at events organized by the Chaine des Rotisseurs and the International Wine and Food Society (IWFS). As far as day jobs are concerned, Ines teaches at Enderun College while Elian organizes events and spins music.

I was really happy to receive this storehouse of information, all wonderfully photographed and so nicely documents; and it really made me hungry to go and try some new restaurants.

Funnily, I'm out every evening but I virtually have no time to try new restaurants on my own. Once in a blue moon, I'll go if someone invites me somewhere new. But most of the time, I'm going to events and hanging out at hotels; and on my off days, I head for my favorite restaurants. I have a handful of favorites and I almost never vary them.

But perhaps this great new book by Ines and Elian will give me a much-needed push to get out of my foodie comfort zone and have a nice dinner somewhere new for a change. Like tonight.

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