Friday, August 26, 2011

Partners in crime -- or, rather, in art

Yesterday morning, from the airport lounge in Manila while waiting for my flight to Tokyo, I emailed a photo of my new painting, purchased the previous night at Manilart 2011, to one of my art collector friends. There aren't very many people I can send photos of artworks to and have a lively discussion on art by text and email; but this friend and I send each other photos of artworks that we've bought or that we've seen and liked all the time -- the way some kids might exchange baseball cards or bubble gum cards.

In the past two months, I'd sent him photos from the Istanbul Modern, some Lisbon galleries, and the Picasso Museum in Malaga; while he'd emailed photos of paintings and installations he'd bought in Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai. And when I sent him a photo of a painting by Picasso that I'd liked in Malaga, he told me about how he'd spent hours in front of another Picasso in New York.


Picasso aside, our tastes -- like our schedules -- have never really matched as I favor romantic surrealism and he leans heavily towards very modern stuff and pop art. But he's a fun partner-in-crime as far as art is concerned -- although he's also forever showing me stuff that he thinks would look good in my living room. Such a bad influence, in that sense.

I hadn't seen him for a while because either he was traveling or I was; but we'd had dinner in June and made plans to go to an art event together in October, and in between was left to chance because our schedules just never matched.


"I was at the Manilart gala on Wednesday night for about 30 minutes and I was hoping to bump into you," I wrote him on my Blackberry, "and look at what I bought last night on my return visit. What do you think?"

I attached the photo of the dramatic painting I'd purchased by a young artist named Jerry Morada. Then I flew off to Tokyo and when I landed in Narita his email was waiting and it, too, had a photo of an artwork attached.

"I was hoping to bump into you too," he wrote. "And I picked up something at Manilart as well. When are we having dinner again, by the way?"

He liked my Jerry Morada painting, and attached to his email was a photo of an installation he'd bought also at Manilart. I really don't know where he finds space in his house for all his purchases as he seems to buy a new artwork every week. But that's art for you. Once you get into it, it's heavily addicting and infinitely pleasurable.

Catch Manilart 2011 this weekend.

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