Friday, August 12, 2011

On the way to KL and pretty excited...

Good morning from another airport lounge, and this time I'm on the way to Kuala Lumpur with ten members of the Travelife Magazine editorial and Travelife Style TV teams. We're going to be visiting Malaysia's UNESCO World Heritage Sites and hopefully getting some shopping done as well, as it's exactly mega-sale season in KL right now.

Yesterday, the advance copies of our wonderful August-September issue arrived at the Travelife office. This issue will be on sale everywhere from the 15th of August, but yesterday we got the preview copies -- and this issue is just full of excellent travel adventures and features. We have a tale of other-worldly mystery from Siquijor, a first-hand account of the most expensive steak in the world (it's in Tokyo), a narrative on a recent trip to Sydney, and two very good destination guides for Dubai and Florida -- among many other articles!

"I really like this cover," said Gabby, our domestic editor at large, yesterday. We rarely see him as he's forever on a bike, van, jeepney or banca to somewhere exotic for Travelife. But yesterday he was at the office to inspect the new issue. "There's something about a brilliant blue background. Penang looks so interesting."

So please check out our August-September issue (our fourth anniversary issue!) from August 15; and this weekend is the last weekend to buy our June-July issue with great features on Turkey (Cappadocia), New York, Antarctica, Zambales, and Iceland, among many other interesting destinations. Hope you get your copy too before we take it off the newsstands.


To celebrate a whopper of an issue in every sense -- both content and advertising -- those of us who were actually in Manila went off to have a long and delicious lunch at Rue Bourbon in Salcedo Village. Some members of the Travelife team are on business trips right now -- we have someone traveling along the West Coast and two people are already in Kuala Lumpur about to go on a private visit to the skywalk of Petronas Towers that isn't open to the public, as I type this -- so we weren't complete. But there were still enough of us to have some fun and to toast to a great issue made with equally great teamwork.

We had excellent fish and chips, a really tasty pizza, and all kinds of chicken dishes. We'd even ordered ribs (which are the best in Manila) but these came last, and by that time, we were just to full to think about more food.

Goodbye for now, from all of us at Travelife Magazine. Next time we log on, we'll be in Malaysia -- we're probably checking out the sales and having some curry today. And we're going to a Ramadan feast tonight at a famous local restaurant.

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