Thursday, August 25, 2011

More on Manilart -- and an impulse purchase

I'm leaving on another early flight somewhere tomorrow so tonight I went over to Manilart 2011 again to enjoy the paintings at leisure since the gala opening last night was just too busy and too packed with crowds for serious art perusal.

But tonight was perfect. I arrived past 7 pm to help one of Manila's top PR agencies, Geiser-Maclang, celebrate their 10th year anniversary right in Manilart itself. Afterwards, I took my sweet time walking through the venue which was crowded with just enough people to have a fun atmosphere and still be able to see everything in peace.

One of the first people I saw was Jack Teotico, owner of the Gallery Joaquin and a very big art collector himself. "I want to show you one of the most interesting paintings in my collection for Manilart," he said; and so we walked over to his gallery.

What a coincidence. The painting he was about to show me was the very same one that caught my eye last night, when I visited Manilart for the gala opening in a bit of a rush. In fact, I liked it so much last night that I took a photo of this painting on my Blackberry and then posted it on my blog last night.

Well, tonight I ended up buying the artwork. It's by a young artist named Jerry Morada who has already won several major competitions, and he's having a big solo exhibition in October. It just called out to me and I handed over my credit card without even deciding where to put it in my house. But I just had to have it. Call it an impulse purchase.

Here are other eye-catching artworks that I saw today. I wish I had all the walls and the budget for everything I want to buy in Manilart.

from September 2

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