Saturday, August 20, 2011

The art of multi-tasking in Malacca

Some of the Travelife team at the Majestic Hotel
in Malacca last night.

Last night we celebrated the end of our stay in beautiful Malacca with an authentic Peranakan dinner at the grand dining room of The Majestic Malacca, our home for the past four days in Malacca. The Majestic Malacca is a beautiful 1920s era mansion once owned by a wealthy Chinese businessman who lost all his money to gambling after two years -- and so the mansion had to be sold.

Recently, this mansion was renovated by a Malaysian company and turned into a lovely boutique hotel under the Small Luxury Hotels (SLH) umbrella; and today, it's the best place to stay in Malacca. It's like staying in the very well-appointed home of a refined local. The renovations were done in very good taste -- nothing is over-the-top or ultra-luxurious, but everything is aesthetically pleasing and not a single aspect of comfort is left wanting.

For what is quite a small space, as well, they've succeeded very nicely in creating a space for every amenity, including a wonderful full-service spa (today was my first free afternoon in ten days, and I booked three blissful hours at the spa for a menu of treatments using local ingredients), a gym with a view, and a compact but pretty swimming pool. The lobby isn't big at all, either, but it's exactly right for a hotel big on old world charm.

The 12-member Travelife team for Travelife Magazine and Travelife TV certainly enjoyed their stay here. Read more about The Majestic Malacca in an upcoming issue of Travelife Magazine.


Before dinner, however, we had just one more scene to shoot for Travelife TV, and this involved Travelife editor Miko and myself, standing by the piano at the hotel restaurant, listening to a young girl play some sentimental favorites. At the end of the scene, we were supposed to toast to our stay in Malaysia and to more travels.

"Why don't we toast and then look at the camera, and then look back at the pianist?" Miko suggested.

For some reason, it sounded terribly complicated to me, to toast, look at the camera and then look at the pianist; so I said to our director: "Can't you just fade out the scene? I can't focus on too many things at the same time."

This was when Miko looked at me really incredulously. He said: "You can't focus on too many things? I never thought I'd ever hear you say that. You -- of all people. You're the person who walks through a crowded airport terminal with a trolley in one hand, and a Powerbook in the other hand, and you're typing out an email as you walk."

Again, for the nth time today, I burst out laughing. It was true. I'd been doing exactly this in Kuala Lumpur Airport last week on the way to catch a flight to Penang, as KL's airport had WiFi and I was answering some emails before boarding. And there was no time to answer the emails from a stationary position, so I was typing while walking through a check-in terminal full of people.

And from there, the entire evening was a bunch of giggles and everyone joined in. I couldn't stop laughing after that, and we had to do something like five takes to finally get everything right. And when I finally got it right, it was one of the cameramen who started laughing.

Just another day in our never-ending, and never-endingly eventful, Travelife. From the lobby of the beautiful The Majestic Malacca in Malacca, best wishes from all of us at Travelife Magazine for a truly beautiful Sunday. We're going home soon...

The Majestic Malacca

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