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World-class dancing on July 18

TRAVELIFE India Night Gala Dinner
at the Dusit Thani Manila
Monday, 18 July at 630 PM
PhP 1499 per person

This July, Travelife Magazine is organizing part 2 of its very successful Travelife India Night, together with the Embassy of India and the Indian Council for Cultural Relations. There will be a free special dance performance on July 16 at 630 pm for those who just wish to see a rare exhibition of world-class classical Indian dancing in the kathak style, and a gala dinner on July 18 at 630 pm with these same performances plus some other special cultural performances.


The Travelife India Night gala dinner on July 18 will be a wonderful evening that will start off with the dance performance of Ranjana Gauhar, one of India's top classical dancer, who will be visiting Manila from next weekend just to perform at these two Travelife India Nights. We will also be serving a very special five-course Indian degustation meal that was personally designed and supervised by Dusit Thani general manager Prateek Kumar and the hotel's Indian chef. This meal alone is worth attending Travelife India Night for, and the fact that this dinner will be accompanied by cultural performances will make it a truly unforgettable evening.


I must share with you that at the first Travelife India Night on February 25, I could not walk across the ballroom of the Dusit Thani without being stopped by a guest raving about the food and wondering when they might be able to eat have this same dinner again. The answer then was "probably never" as this special degustation meal was created especially for Travelife India Night. Happily, we've had the opportunity to organize a second Travelife India Night Gala Dinner on July 18, and guests for this event will be able to partake of a truly amazing meal for a very special price of PhP 1499 per person.


We've had lots of support for Travelife India Night from the Ambassador of India and his wife, Madame Kumar, as well as from the leading members of the Indian community in Manila. So I can guarantee that the Travelife India Night Gala Dinner on July 18 will be the most authentic evening of Indian culture that Manila has ever witnessed.

If you are interested in Indian culture, come join us for this truly memorable evening on July 18.


Travelife India Night Gala Dinner
PhP 1499 per person

We have a smaller venue this time around as the other rooms in the ballroom were already taken when we planned this, so the Travelife India Night gala dinner will be a more intimate affair. Most of the seats have already been reserved, so if you are at all interested, please contact us immediately.

Call Rachel or Bernice at the Travelife office
at 813-8400/ 892-2620
Or email


Ms. Ranjana Gauhar, who is visiting the Philippines just to perform at Travelife India Night, is one of India's top classical dancers. She is a leading exponent of an Indian classical dance style, ODISSI, which originates from the eastern state of Orissa, known earlier as Kalinga and having historically close ties with the countries of South East Asia.

For her artistic accomplishments, she received the Padama Shree from the
President of India, which is one of the most prestigious national awards of India; and also the Sangeet Nadak Akademi award, which is the apex body for the fine arts in India. She has performed extensively in India and overseas in several countries, including the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Greece, Japan, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Cambodia and Vietnam. This will be her first performance in the Philippines.

Initially performed in the
temples of Orissa, this dance style evokes temple statues and sculptures to bring out their lyrical and sensual aspects.


There will also be a free private performance on July 16, courtesy of Travelife Magazine and the Dusit Thani Manila. However seats for this are also limited, so please reserve as soon as possible to get your free e-ticket by email, which you will need to present at the venue.

Call Rachel or Bernice at the Travelife office at 813-8400/ 892-2620
Or email
*Please specify that you wish to reserve
for the free private performance on July 16

Experience the magic of travel, even just for one night. Don't miss either of these wonderful Travelife evenings of culture.


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