Monday, July 25, 2011

Prodigal eloquence and dinner at XO again

The first message of the day came from my friend J at 8 AM. He'd read my previous blog entry, and he wanted to know why I used the word "prodigal" to describe him. I'd written last night that the "prodigal J" had, finally, actually liked a restaurant I'd praised highly. He usually doesn't, you see, and he almost never fails to let me know it. And the restaurant he and I agree on is XO 46 in Salcedo Village.

He BBM-ed: "I can't believe you used "prodigal" and "J" in the same sentence. Do you know what that word means?"

There was a smiley face at the end of his message so it was meant in a friendly way. But that's J for you -- he thinks he should check if a magazine editor knows the meaning of a pretty simple word, and that won't be insulting. But I'm used to him by now -- he's generations older so I let him be patronizing sometimes -- so it's okay. Besides, he's such a good sport when I take pot shots at him in this blog, so I try to return the favor when he does it privately. And when I got his message, I was in the car on the way to work so I had lots of time to reply -- or at least relatively more time than usual.


So I replied: "Prodigal can mean someone errant who comes and goes. Like a buoy lost at sea that washes up to shore every so often. And good morning to you, too, by the way."

Of course, he thinks he knows everything so he lectured me via text: "In the biblical sense, you are correct. But in today's idiomatic use, prodigal refers to being recklessly extravagant -- which I do not think I am."

Hmm. I have something to say about that, but perhaps I won't. Recklessly, perhaps not. But extravagant -- well, it's all relative. Anyway, I replied: "Well, let's just say that I'm conveniently religious, then."


Then I had to giggle. This conversation was all being conducted with two thumbs and two Blackberries, after all. Frankly, I don't know too many people who can text or message so eloquently as my friend J. This is a world of "howru" and "cul8r," after all. And I'm getting messages from J with phrases like "idiomatic use" and "recklessly extravagant." That's pretty tedious typing, I'm guessing.

But don't get J started on that. He likes to joke that I type the longest BBMs in the world, so I'm sure he has a lot to say about me as well on that topic. But I do remember that once, he felt he had to explain something to me via BBM; and he followed that up with this terse addition: "That's the longest BBM I've ever sent, by the way."


Ironically, my only other friend who texts so eloquently, without any shortcuts and always in proper grammatical language, is my friend M. And how funny that my first message of the day was an eloquent elaboration from J, while my last message for the day was an equally elaborate message from M.

M hadn't had such a great day at work, and he described in detail some of his trials and tribulations today. I was at dinner at XO46 again with my friend Sandee when his text came in; we were having an impromptu dinner because my previous appointment tonight was suddenly canceled, and it turned out to be a truly fun evening of laing, beef kaldereta and lechon kawali with garlic rice. And lots of long overdue girl talk. But I felt really sorry for M, after reading his text of woes, so I put off eating my beef kaldereta long enough for it to get cold, just to type him out a message of sympathy.

Then, because I thought it would make him smile after a difficult day, I added, in reference to our ongoing Ateneo-La Salle thing: "Take care of yourself, with all your trials. Someone from the right school is rooting for you."


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