Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Wagyu and a new Travelife project for lunch

Few days have been more enjoyable than this. It started out with a couple of really funny messages on my Blackberry this morning on my way to work. Traffic was terrible and I spent close to an hour on McKinley Road in Forbes Park today, but I was quite amused by messages from three different friends so time passed very quickly. I'd even gotten a dinner invite to Kobikicho arranged for the first evening I'm back from Europe.

But the main reason was a very nice lunch at the UMU Japanese restaurant of the Dusit Thani Manila, which was part business and part fun. I'd arrived at the Dusit Thani five minutes late for my noon appointment and fully expecting nothing but delicious sashimi, a wonderful wagyu teppanyaki steak followed by a scoop of sake ice cream and accompanied by lots of good conversation. "Let's eat something really good," I texted M, my lunch companion, a busy executive who had arrived right on the dot. Yes, I'd made up my mind to have wagyu today after sharing a really unhealthy pastry with him yesterday afternoon. I did have a very good meal, but I also left with another project for Travelife Magazine in the bag.


Not that we need more projects as our slate is so full as it is with the magazine and lots of events and tours, that I've budgeted a proper night's sleep for sometime still in 2013. But this particular project was just too good to pass up. I found myself saying yes without thinking much about the details including the all-important how-to part. But I just know that I'll find a way to get this done -- and done well. As always.

"I can't believe I've bumped into you three days in a row this week," I told M. It was true. We'd scheduled today's lunch at UMU since last week, but yesterday and the day before that, I'd bumped into him by accident three times in the strangest places. So lunch today was the fourth meeting this week.


"Am I seeing you tomorrow as well? Better not break the cycle," he said. I replied: "Only if you're coming along with me to three parties tomorrow night." I'd glanced at my Blackberry and I had three events on my schedule tomorrow beginning at 6 pm.

I thought he was kidding, but he then said: "Do you need an escort? Text me the details and let's see." He also asked: "Is your life one party after another?"

I responded with a big sigh: "I wish it was. Wouldn't that be fun?" I am working 24 hours in a day, but yes, it's doing something I love so maybe it's not really work after all. He then said to me: "We'll get along because we both love great hotels, good food and luxury travel."

Dusit Thani Manila GM Prateek Kumar later joined us for lunch and we had such a merry time discussing real estate in India and some very funny shows on British television. These two guys, too, had some very funny jokes about US politicians that I suspect they picked up from the Jay Leno Show or something similar. I just kept laughing all through lunch when we weren't discussing business. Just another day in a never-endingly eventful Travelife.

Travelife's Special Summer Issue
with Angel Aquino in Boracay
Angel Aquino in Bora
for Travelife Magazine's April-May 2011 issue


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