Wednesday, June 1, 2011

PARTY time with Travelife Magazine tonight

Tonight, Travelife Magazine is throwing a party for friends, associates, valued business partners and dear readers mainly to say thank you for all the support so crucial to making Travelife Magazine the Philippines' leading travel & lifestyle publication. If you've received your invitation, we hope you can make it. It'll be a relaxing chill-out event with great music from Boyet Almazan, one of Manila's top DJs, a really nice and well-known accoustics group, and lots of amazing prizes. So make sure to bring your business card with you when you join us tonight.

And the music tonight is really going to be so good. Even I can't wait.


We're also launching Travelife's June-July 2011 issue -- which I personally believe is one of our best yet -- and introducing Travelife's new television show called Travelife's Frequent Flier. We're in the process of producing the show (and what a journey it has been!) and the official television show launch will be later this year, but tonight we'll give you an idea of what's coming ahead. Meanwhile, Travelife's June-July 2011 issue will be on the newsstands on June 15, but you'll get a preview tonight as well.

Speaking of journeys, it's been one great journey for Travelife Magazine, full of lucky breaks and not without hard work; but we're now the best known travel magazine brand in the country and we're intent on keeping Travelife's top spot as simply the best travel & lifestyle magazine on the market.


Lots of people ask me what sets Travelife apart from all the others. I could go on forever talking about this, but let me just focus on one thing today: Passion. And I mean a passion for travel and a passion for life. We're truly passionate about travel and about bringing that wonderful and enriching experience of travel to as many people as possible.

This is more than a job or a business. It's an advocacy. And this passion shows in what we do and in our work. I believe this passion is unequalled in our industry. I challenge anyone to find a magazine team as dedicated to the experience of travel -- and I don't mean free travel, here -- as the Travelife team.

But tonight is less about travel and more about having a good time. So if you've put your name on our RSVP list or if you're one of my friends (in which case, no need to RSVP. Just come over. We'll know who you are...), head on over to the Fort tonight at 630 pm and join us for a wonderful evening. No fuss, no agenda, just fun. And lots of raffle prizes. Our valued partners have gone overboard to help make sure Travelife's guests tonight really have fun.

Some of Travelife's valued partners tonight:
Seventh High
Party Party Manila
Singapore Airlines
Bobbi Brown
Hyatt Hotels
Travel Club
Lomography Embassy Manila


Lots of other things are happening at Travelife as well, but I'll write more about these once I've had time to party. But we're organizing another series of evenings focusing on Indian culture next month, and one of them will be a performance sponsored by Travelife that we'll be opening to our dear readers, Facebook and Twitter friends, as well as to families and parents wishing to expose their children to new cultures. One of India's top dancers will be in Manila just to perform for Travelife and we'll be having one gala night and one public performance. Both evenings will be amazing experiences of Indian culture that will be difficult to find, even in India -- just like our incredibly successful Travelife India Night last February, in cooperation with the Dusit Thani Hotel.

These upcoming India Nights are in line with our commitment to bring the experience of travel to as many people as possible.The tentative dates are July 17 and 18. Stay tuned to our Facebook pages and this blog for more details.


This month, too, Travelife is partnering with Rustan's for a wonderful food festival that will spotlight the cuisines of four different countries (Italy, Germany, India and Spain) from June 15 to October 31. We're organizing cooking demonstrations, special food sales and a lot of fun food events. In fact, the first of the cooking demonstrations, focusing on Italy, will begin this month and three top chef-friends will be demonstrating their Italian cooking skills to interested Rustan's shoppers and Travelife readers. I'll be posting the schedules here next week, but already I can tell you that Shangri-la Makati's Executive Chef Franco Brodini and Tina Pamintuan of L'Incontro have both kindly agreed to participate in this cooking venture.

Rustan's will also be giving away some great prizes for shoppers who are able to complete the stamps on their shopping cards. I've seen the stuff they're planning to give away and they are simply wonderful. In fact, I've made sure I have my shopping card in my wallet just so I don't miss out on my stamps. Even I want one of those prizes.


And yesterday, I began a 10-day Juju juice detox program again. I'll probably never hear the end of it from Kat of Juju Juice when she finds out just how full of gourmet dinners my next ten days are, beginning with a dinner with a famous Singaporean chef tomorrow night all the way to next Thursday night which is a dinner with a famous Czech chef. And then soon after, I fly out of Manila and onwards to Europe to get on another Silversea cruise full of good food, friends and fun.

So it's the strangest time to be doing a detox, but it really is now or never. I'm trying to be fabulously good in the daytime, which is easy anyway as my days are just packed with work and meetings, but I have to admit in advance that I'm planning to be bad at night. But I hope the daytime fasts will do their job, and Juju juices too are all about nutrition and getting more uncooked fruits and vegetables in, so I'm banking on the fact that I'm able to load up on more nutrition this way.

So enough for now. See you all at our fabulous party tonight.

Travelife's Special Summer Issue
with Angel Aquino in Boracay
Angel Aquino in Bora
for Travelife Magazine's April-May 2011 issue


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