Monday, May 16, 2011

A Mini beach break

Good afternoon from a really beautiful beach with what is promised to be a marvelous sunset view. It's almost sunset hour and I'm typing this by the pool with a very tall glass of iced tea beside me. Then we have lobsters for dinner and an evening swim planned. Life could certainly be worse.

Very early this morning, some of the Travelife team journeyed from Makati to the beach. I was going in the van with the rest of the TV team while our contributing editor Miko was driving a Mini, and we were meeting up to convoy in Alabang. When I finally saw the beautiful Mini he was driving parked in Alabang, however, it took all of 1 minute for me to decide to get in the seat next to him instead. The top-of-the-line Mini he was driving looked so much more fun to ride in than our van.

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It was really enjoyable to be taking this Mini to the beach -- especially since the seats were just incredibly comfortable. I couldn't stop fiddling with all the gadgets; all the while Miko looked at me very amusedly like I was a kid in a toy store. Another plus is the fact that we could attach my iPod to the car's stereo system for really great music. Of course this is now pretty standard in a lot of new cars -- but somehow it seemed really fun to have this feature in this terribly cool Mini.

He had classical music on when I got into the car -- but somehow this morning, I was really in the mood to still listen to the same type of songs I'd been listening to all weekend: lots of Kenny Loggins and the song Irreplaceable by Beyonce. Beyonce is so not part of my generation's music; but I'd heard this song several times on the radio in my car on the way to work and I couldn't get the refrain out of my head. Finally I googled it and found the song online.

by Beyonce
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I love this song today...

Back to the Mini. "I want one of these," I finally blurted out, after enjoying the ride with Miko for about an hour or so. Miko replied: "What for? You don't drive in Manila so it'd be wasted for you. This is a driving car." I had to agree. It was great to be seated up-front; but I think the view would be different from the back. But if I was driving in Manila, I would definitely get this car. It's cool, fun to drive and small enough to navigate parking spaces but at the same time spacious enough to be comfortable for drivers and passengers.

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