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About Travelife's wonderful April-May issue

Good morning from a pretty exotic location I'll be writing about soon. Wherever you are today, I hope you're having as perfect weather as I am in this part of the world. And on behalf of everyone at Travelife Magazine, I'd like to wish you a great week ahead.

Travelife Magazine's stellar June-July 2011 issue is now in production and this will be out on the news stands on or before June 15. So you still have a couple of weeks to pick up our wonderful summer special edition (Travelife April-May 2011) at the stores before it sells out. We've just again replenished our magazines at many book stores since they've been selling out very quickly.

That's the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka, by the way,
holding his copy of Travelife Magazine


We had a fantastic time producing this April-May 2011 Travelife issue. The team behind our cover -- Angel Aquino shot on location in Boracay, with the amazing cover shot at the pool of the Astoria Boracay -- was a dream team composed of Travelife managing editor Carlo Velasco and Travelife director of business development Gel Bayona, together with photographer par excellence Tom Epperson, stylist Vanessa Johnson, and make-up artist Raymond Ko of L'Oreal.

And, of course, the wonderful Angel Aquino. Angel spent a couple of sunny days in Boracay with our team and everyone had a really good time.

Angel's photo shoot is accompanied by the latest and hippest guide to Boracay. It's literally a 24-7 guide to the island so do read this issue for ideas on what to do at 2 AM or at 7 AM in Boracay. Boracay's most definitely an island that never sleeps -- and neither should you when you're there.


Lots of women were on pretty wow adventures in this issue. Bond Girl Rachel Grant (who appears in Die Another Day) is actually part-Filipino, and she writes about her journey to Ecuador which included diving in the Galapagos Islands and mingling with a couple of really exotic jungle natives who taught her how to shoot with a bow and arrow.


Pauline de Villiers-Bretell writes about her travels in Morocco, particularly in Tangiers which is in the northernmost part of the country, right along the stretch of sea shared with Spain.

Morocco is largely an unknown entity to many Filipinos, and particularly Tangiers, which is a blend of Europe and Africa.


It's also in this issue that I wrote about my narrow escape and (mis)adventure during the Great Tokyo Earthquake last March.

I've been in quite a lot of scrapes in my life and a lifetime of travel, but this horrific earthquake certainly ranks up there in terms of fear factor.

I'd just finished a nice lunch in Tokyo and was on the way to Narita Airport to catch a flight back to Manila when the earthquake happened; and I was at the worst possible place in Tokyo for an earthquake: the very top of the Rainbow Bridge, which is a very long suspension bridge hanging over the icy waters of Tokyo Bay.



The guys who've contributed to this issue have shared some pretty interesting adventures as well.

Businessman Jake Lagonera, who is finally able to devote more time to his photography, gave us some beautiful photos of his recent trip to Syria with a couple of very important people. Syria is one of his favorite places.

Meanwhile Gilbert Sape sent us equally lovely photos of Batanes' sleepy south. He recently flew to Batanes specifically to capture this enigmatic destination via his camera.

Former British Ambassador Peter Beckingham, who is now His Majesty's representative in Mumbai, was a much-loved and well-respected diplomatic figure in Manila.

He and his wife Jill have been kind enough to write about a couple of their amazing travels in previous issues of Travelife; and in this issue, they give you their top picks for what to do and see in Mumbai. They're hoping more of their Manila friends come around for a visit sometime soon.

Subic Shutter Club

Managing editor Carlo Velasco went up to Baguio for the Panagbenga Festival and he describes the fantastic explosion of color and merrymaking for those festival days in the Philippines' summer capital.

To provide even more life to his description of the festival, the members of the Subic Shutter Club -- a group of very talented and enthusiastic photographers which is celebrating its first-year anniversary this month, by the way -- provided truly beautiful photos of the festival. Catch their works again next issue when they bring us another set of festival photos.


The regular columns of our esteemed contributing editors are also a great mix of culture, lifestyle and travel. World-class adventurer Gabby Malvar went up Mount Pinatubo and writes about his adventures with lahar and his swim in the crater.

He visited the office earlier this week, by the way, in between his never-ending adventures, with a few scrapes still evident from his last trip off the very beaten track.


In his column The Rafe Guide, Rafe Totengco, one of the Philippines' most successful fashion industry professionals and now an international personality who constantly travels for work and leisure (and writes about his adventures for Travelife), writes about a recent weekend in Edinburgh, where he spent many happy hours discovering the city's nooks and crannies, and hunting for plaid along Edinburgh's ancient streets.

Edinburgh is also one of my favorite cities, by the way, because of its rich (although violent) history and its fiercely proud culture. The food isn't bad either. Some of the most memorable meals I've had in the UK have been in this city.

Gordon Ramsay in London

Businessman Jerome Velasco, who makes sure to dine in the world's best restaurants whenever he travels around the world (and who duly records for Travelife with great accuracy and lots of wit his mouthwatering meals), writes about a day in London which he spent eating fabulous food.

He'd booked lunch and dinner at two of London's best restaurants, and enjoyed both meals immensely. Speaking of global traveler, I believe he'd written his column while on another trip somewhere exotic with fantastic food.

Finally, Miko Liwanag, who is also co-hosting Travelife's upcoming TV show, writes about why you shouldn't put off a great adventure. Time and opportunities run out and you don't want to be that person who wished he or she had done more when there had been a chance. So, yes, pick up a copy of our latest issue at the book store today. There's no time to lose and any day is a great day to start a Travelife.

Travelife's Special Summer Issue
with Angel Aquino in Boracay
Angel Aquino in Bora
for Travelife Magazine's April-May 2011 issue


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