Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Traveling with Citigold

The other week, Travelife went to lunch at the Top of the Citi with the wonderful ladies of Citibank's private banking. It was a very enjoyable and intimate lunch, and I remember laughing so hard about their funny stories about acronyms used in texting and on Facebook. I think there's a lot of things lost in translation between generations and cultures, so acronyms you take for granted don't necessarily make it across the phone and Internet lines with the same meaning.


The other day, I sent a message to a friend in New York, and I ended it with FYREF. "What's FYREF?" He BBM-ed me. And I immediately replied: "For your reference, silly. Now start using it." Well, according to the ladies at lunch, someone's mother thinks WTF means "Welcome to Facebook," so she's been using it very liberally on her new FB page -- to the shock of all her FB friends. I fell over laughing at that thought of a mother starting all her FB messages with WTF. That so made my day.


In between jokes and such enjoyable banter, we talked about Citigold, Citibank's wealth management service in the Philippines. They've just unveiled a wide and impressive range of services that certainly makes them very attractive to many high net-worth individuals in the Philippines. Citigold is one of the most successful brands of Citi in Asia Pacific, where we are widely acknowledged as the financial partner of choice by the affluent market,” related Aneth Lim, Corporate Affairs Director of Citibank Philippines.

Of course, Citigold clients have access to Citi lounges worldwide and get a wide range of advantages and perks. For the frequent flier, one of the most attractive benefits of Citigold is access to airport lounges, including the MIASCOR lounge at NAIA Terminal 1. I like the Miascor lounge a lot because it's more spacious than most of the regular airline lounges and they have pretty good food and very fast WiFi. The latter is important to me as I'm almost always doing ten things at the same time when I'm online and I have very little patience for slowness.


So even if I have access to the airline lounges, I almost always head for the Miascor lounge instead as there's more privacy and comfort there. In the mornings, too, they serve adobo rolls, taho and congee; while in the afternoon, they have Korean noodles, adobo rice and other tasty treats. Most of the other lounges don't serve actual food so I almost make a bee-line for this lounge when I'm hungry before a flight -- which is always.

“No matter how early or how late your flight is, you get 24/7 access to the lounge and you can even book any one of the two meeting rooms available for business or personal matters,” explained Karla Abat-de Jesus, vice president for Retail Bank Marketing.


Another great attraction for Citigold clients constantly on-the-go is the 24/7 medical, security, travel and emergency support anywhere in the world through Citi’s partnership with International SOS (ISOS). This ensures that frequent fliers can travel anywhere, safe and secure, knowing that ISOS is there for any emergency.

ISOS has over 20 years of experience in helping customers stay healthy, safe and secure whenever they travel, with a worldwide reach that spans 70 countries with 27 Alarm Centers, 26 clinics and a fleet of air ambulances readily available for any kind of medical emergency. The medical and security expertise of its multilingual staff also assures every customer the very best assistance and care they would need.

“The Emergency Healthcare Service is an exclusive service for our Citigold clients. With their very own International SOS membership card that contains the customer’s membership number and phone numbers, they can readily access medical, security, travel and emergency assistance 24/7/365, giving them peace of mind whenever they travel,” said de Jesus.

Citibank’s wealth management service in the Philippines certainly understands the unique needs of high net worth individuals that are drivers to succeed while enjoying the best that life has to offer. "Wherever our clients are, we ensure that we’re there to provide them all their needs as only a trusted global financial institution can,” added Aneth Lim.

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