Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Latin dancing and Juju in wine glasses

For lunch yesterday, the Travelife Magazine team took a break from producing the June-July issue (on sale from June 15) to have a leisurely lunch at Sofitel with the charitable and hardworking ladies of the Club de Damas Latinas (Latin American Women's Club) and the equally charming and hardworking ladies of Sofitel. We started with morning cocktails (yes, cocktails!) at the Fever Lounge followed by lunch at a private area of Spirals. The Club de Damas Latinas is observing its 45th anniversary in the Philippines with a gala Charity Ball on May 7 at the Sofitel. The Club de Damas Latinas counts members from over 12 countries including the Americas and Europe, and it's a great source of information and support to women from Spanish-speaking countries who are living in the Philippines.

It will be a formal dinner showcasing authentic Latin food, wine, music and dance; with live performances by Salsa Manila and Cuban Style, plus music by Onda Ltina and DJ Jonathan for guests to dance the night away to.


I spoke to Yesika Reveilhac, club president, and a lively and charming lady, about what they are trying to achieve with their ball: "Beyond the music, fashion and food at every Gala Latina is actually a shared commitment and conviction by our members and partners to give back to our host country. We are proud to see the impact that the funds generated from the charity ball have on the progress of our beneficiaries' efforts and activities."

The Gala Latina raises funds for the Holy Family Home Makati Foundation, which provides shelter for neglected or orphaned girls, and the Eugenia Ravasco Day Care Center in Paranaque.


The Sofitel lunch buffet is quite amazing in terms of volume and variety so I just had to have seconds of lots of things. This made for a very stuffed meal and a complete about-face from the Juju juice five-day detox I'd started last week and ended yesterday. The last five days have been just about the worst time to go on a juice diet as I'd had several really big meals and even a marathon wine drinking session in between; but at least I'd been able to pare down my big meals to once a day and get lots of green nutrition besides.

On Sunday a friend had again invited himself over for dinner and I'd served lots of "healthy" stuff like aged cheese, pan-fried foie gras, gooey beef stroganoff and velvet cake. I'd made everything except for the cheese and cake, and I'd noted with satisfaction that he'd eaten everything I put on his plate -- and more. Of course we'd had our meal with a bottle of wine.

Then as if to make up for the unhealthy meal, we'd halved a bottle of Juju green juice -- bottle no. 5 in my six-pack for the day -- between us and I'd poured these into large crystal glasses more appropriate for old Bordeaux wines.

He'd been very curious about my Juju juice detox and he'd peeked into my fridge to see what the set actually looked like. When he opened the fridge, there were eight bottles of Juju inside, including the remaining two for that day and the six bottles for the following day. They made a rather colorful display in my fridge, alongside my bottles of champagne and sparkling water.

"Would you like to try one?" I asked him. I was supposed to have a bottle for dinner, after all. He nodded rather enthusiastically, and that's how we ended up drinking Juju green juice after our Sunday meal.

"It's not bad," he said, after taking a sip. "I can drink this." Together we then tried to analyze the different vegetables that went into my Juju juice no. 6. And since he liked it so much, that's what he's getting next time he comes around for dinner.

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