Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Interning at Travelife Magazine

If you're a college student looking for a meaningful and fun internship or on-the-job-training experience with one of the country's leading magazines, Travelife Magazine is now offering internships in its sales & marketing department.

Now these aren't internships for everyone. But if you are willing to work hard and if you truly want to learn a lot about the publishing business and just what it takes to produce a world-class magazine, consider applying with us.


Lots of people intern with companies over the summer or throughout the year as part of OJT requirements. However, oftentimes, their experience is relegated to buying coffee for the bosses or doing a whole lot of menial tasks no one else wants to do. Well, at Travelife, we believe doing everything is part of the learning process; but we also make sure our interns undertake a whole lot of other significant experiences besides. Travelife interns have helped organize photo shoots and style shoots, written great articles, gone of media trips and attended some pretty fantastic events. Yesterday, one of our interns got to have tea with an ambassador at his home, while next week, a couple of them are accompanying me to a national day reception.

I personally ensure that every intern at Travelife gets to learn about the business. I'm a great fan of internships as I used to help promote and coordinate these for the college group AIESEC, and I've done a couple of internships myself. These short stints at various companies around the world shaped my life and way of thinking, and helped me decide exactly what it was I wanted to do with my future.


Aside from producing a great magazine, over the next few months we're opening a high-end crafts shop, shooting a few episodes of a TV show, producing about six major events, launching a guidebook, and starting our media tie-ups with broadsheets and television. We'll need lots of help from enthusiastic and energetic young people who would like to get involved with what we're going to make into one of the most innovative and aggressive teams in town.

To apply for a marketing internship at Travelife,
please email

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