Saturday, April 2, 2011

Four weddings and a long farewell

I spent almost the entire yesterday at the Peninsula Manila for events related to the Peninsula Bridal Fair. It's truly a beautifully arranged event of exhibits, talks, demonstrations and shows. If you're planning a wedding soon, or even if you just like seeing lovely arrangements of table settings and flowers, do visit the bridal fair as today, Sunday, is the last day.

And while you're there, say hello to the staff of Travelife Magazine in the ballroom, where we have a booth introducing Travelife Honeymoons and also displaying our magazines.


Yesterday afternoon, I gave a short talk about honeymoons and about the logistics of planning the perfect romantic trip. There are lots of options for such a trip, but I'd shared that one of my first choices for such a trip would still have to be a cruise somewhere exotic. A cruise is everything packaged in one: a hassle-free trip that involves one unpacking and packing, lots of things to do, a comfortable room and a pretty romantic atmosphere, the opportunity for all kinds of indulgences, and a different destination almost everyday and in the most convenient way. Once you get on a ship, you get to a new country or a new city or town everyday, but without the usual trek to the airport or train station. Personally, I really can't think of a more enjoyable form of travel.

I was also asked about my choices for the most romantic destinations in the world. It's all relative and extremely personal, of course, but my choices would be mainly in Europe simply because so much of it is so pretty and also so steeped in the kind of culture, history and drama that ignites the senses. I think anywhere in Italy is just wonderful, and I'm also partial to France and to the coast of Croatia. In terms of cities, Paris and Venice are obvious choices. But I also find Istanbul one of the most romantic cities in the world, and one I can keep going back to. In fact, I've lost count by now of how many times I've been to Turkey; and each time I go, I just never tire of the experience of being alive and in Istanbul. (Travelife Magazine is taking friends and readers to Turkey once again this May 2011. To get more details about our tour to Istanbul and Izmir/ Ephesus, please click here.)


Back to yesterday. It was a pretty hectic day at the Peninsula. After my talk, I went over to the Salon de Ning for cocktails and some music, and then joined outgoing Peninsula general manager Jonathan Crook, incoming Peninsula general manager Sonja Vodusek, and resident manager Oliver Duddler in the front row for the Peninsula bridal fashion show. This was perhaps the most enjoyable event out of many yesterday, and one I didn't think I would truly enjoy but did.

Some of the country's top fashion designers and jewelry designers showcased their bridal ware, accompanied by lovely music that suited the event perfectly. I sat next to Jonathan and this fashion show also made me feel just a little bit sentimental as it was Jonathan's last public event as general manager tonight. It has been a very long goodbye and I have been seeing Jonathan and his wife Beliz at every possible moment for the last 45 days -- this week alone, I believe we met up about four times in the four days that I have been back in Manila; and later this afternoon, I'm joining them again at Polo Club for a horse show -- but it's only now that the reality of their departure has begun to sink in. Jonathan and Beliz were a very much loved and well-regarded couple by Manila society, and they did a lot to bring back glamour, charitable works and also lots of fun to the Peninsula. And judging from the massive volume of sayonara events for them in the past weeks, and the kind of people who have turned up for these events, they will be very sorely missed.

Jewelry designer Candy Dizon of Jul B. Dizon takes a bow

Fashion designer Rhett Eala walks the runway to lots of applause

Model wearing a Randy Ortiz creation

Model wearing a Francis Libiran creation

A real-life celebrity family modeling Puey Quinones' creations

A beautiful gown by Jun Escario

Wedding gown by JC Buendia

I loved this outfit by Rhett Eala with jewelry by Candy Dizon

A beautiful gown by Ivarluski Aseron

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